Request Structure

Last updated: 2019-08-15 23:48:53


1. Service Address

Tencent Cloud APIs are divided into different function modules, with each module accessed using a different domain name. You can access these APIs from a closest region or a specified region. For example, the access domain name of a nearest CVM is, and that of the Guangzhou region is

The list of supported domain names:

Region Domain Name
The nearest region (recommended) *
South China (Guangzhou) *
East China (Shanghai) *
North China (Beijing) *
Southwest China (Chengdu) *
Southwest China (Chongqing) *
Southeast Asia (Seoul) *
East China (Shanghai Finance) *
South China (Shenzhen Finance) *
Southeast Asia (Singapore) *
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) *
Western U.S. (Silicon Valley) *
Eastern U.S. (Virginia) *

Note: Since Finance regions and non-Finance regions are isolated and not interconnected, when accessing a service in a Finance region (the common parameter Region is a Finance region), you need to specify a domain name containing the Finance region that should be identical to the value of Region field.

2. Communication Protocol

All Tencent Cloud APIs communicate over HTTPS to provide high-security channels.

3. Request Methods

Both POST and GET requests are supported. Content-Type can only be application/x-www-form-urlencoded in POST request.

4 Character Encoding

UTF-8 encoding is always used.