Modifying VPCs

Last updated: 2021-07-05 14:54:01

    This document describes how to modify the name, DNS address, domain name, tag or other information of a VPC.


    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a LAN network protocol that defines the standard for transferring configuration information to TCP/IP network servers.
    CVMs in a Tencent Cloud VPC support DHCP. The configurable DHCP options including DNS address and domain name. These settings will take effect on all CVMs in the VPC.


    • For now, VPCs created before April 1, 2018 do not support DHCP features. If you cannot modify the DNS address and domain name in the console, it means that your VPC does not support these features.
    • The new configurations will take effect on all CVMs in the VPC.
      • For newly created CVMs, the modified configurations take effect immediately.
      • For existing CVMs, the modified configurations take effect after the CVMs or network services are restarted.


    1. Log in to the VPC console.
    2. Select the region of the VPC at the top of the VPC page.
    3. Click the edit icon next to a VPC name to modify it.
    4. Click the VPC ID to access the Basic Information page.
    5. Click the edit icon to modify DNS, domain name, and tag respectively.
      • DNS: DNS server addresses
        • The Tencent Cloud default DNS is and If the default DNS is not used, internal services such as Windows activation, NTP, and YUM will be unavailable.
        • DNS supports a maximum of four IP addresses. Separate IPs with commas.
        • Although four IPs can be specified for DNS, certain operating systems might be unable to support four DNS addresses.
      • Domain Name: CVM hostname suffix, such as You can enter up to 60 characters, or keep the default configuration if you don’t have special requirements.
      • Tag: used to identify and manage resources. You can optionally add tags or delete them.