Last updated: 2021-04-08 17:25:42

    Use limits

    • The IP ranges of VPCs and subnets cannot be modified after creation.
    • For each subnet, Tencent Cloud reserves its first two IP addresses and the last IP address for the purpose of IP networking. For example, if the subnet CIDR is, then the IP addresses reserved by Tencent Cloud are,, and
    • When you add a CVM to a VPC, the system randomly assigns a private IP address to its instance within the specified subnet, and you can reassign the private IP address for each CVM after the CVMs are created.
    • In a VPC , a CVM private IP corresponds to one public IP address.
    • Classic network CVMs do not support interconnection with cloud resources in the auxiliary CIDR block.
    • Currently, only Cloud Communication Network (CCN) supports passing the auxiliary CIDR block. This means services in the auxiliary CIDR block cannot communicate via VPN connection, Direct Connect, or peering connection.

    Quota limits

    Resource Limit/qty
    Number of VPCs per region for each account 20
    Number of subnets per VPC 100
    Number of auxiliary CIDR blocks per VPC 5


    If you need to increase the quota, please submit a ticket to apply.