Last updated: 2018-10-18 15:32:35


1. Security Isolation

100% logically isolated network; meet the security isolation requirements of financial enterprise, government and other companies;

2. Access Control

Flexible access control rules; support two levels of access control based on security group (firewall) and network ACL respectively

3. Flexible Deployment

Fully customizable network segmentation and routing deployment, providing visualized network topology. Let you get started with VPC quickly.
Provide peering connection (VPC and VPC) and basic network connection to make your VPC more flexible and more efficient.

4. Rich accesses

VPC supports the following connection egresses:

  • Access the Internet (performed by CVM through its public IP)
  • Access the Internet (public network gateway forwarding)
  • Access the Internet (NAT gateway forwarding)
  • Access private data center: VPN gateway (IPsec encrypted tunnel based on public network)
  • Access private data center: Direct Connect gateway (based on Direct Connect of the operator)
  • Access other VPCs: peering connection (traffic between VPCs).