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    Network Customization

    VPC provides you with robust network management capabilities. With them, you can customize IP ranges, perform subnetting as needed such as on a conventional network, and flexibly configure route tables and routing policies to deploy your cloud-based business in a custom fashion.
    Tencent Cloud VPC also provides visualized network topologies to help you better plan the network.


    By using VPC, you can achieve elastic deployment based on your business needs, create different subnets in one or more VPC instances to deploy different business segments, and expand the network architecture based on your needs by connecting VPC instances with local IDCs, other VPC instances, and basic networks.

    Rich Access Modes

    VPC provides rich access modes to satisfy your demand for cloud-based communication:

    • Access to the Internet: you can access the Internet by using a common public IP address, elastic public IP address, NAT gateway, or CLB.
    • Access to other VPC instances: you can access other VPC instances through CCN and peering connections.
    • Access to local IDCs: you can access your local IDCs through VPN connections, direct connections, and CCN.
    • Access to basic networks: you can access your business deployed in a basic network through Classiclink.

    Security and Reliability

    Based on the tunneling technology, VPC constructs virtual networks on physical networks and uses the VXLAN protocol to achieve full private network isolation between VPC instances, providing users with independent, isolated, and secure cloud networks.
    For CVMs within a VPC, we also provide you with network access control modes at different levels, such as security groups and network ACLs.

    Ease of Use

    You can quickly create and manage VPC instances by using the console, APIs, and other methods. In addition, productized network features and rich troubleshooting features can greatly reduce your OPS costs.

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