Cloning a Security Group

Last updated: 2020-04-02 16:59:00

    Operation Scenario

    You may need to clone a security group in the following scenarios:

    • You have created a security group named sg-A in region A and want to apply sg-A rules to instances in region B. In this case, you can clone sg-A to region B instead of creating another security group in region B.
    • Your business needs to execute a new security group rule. In this case, you can clone the original security group for backup.


    • By default, only the inbound and outbound rules of a security group are cloned, but not the instances associated with the security group.
    • Security groups can be cloned between projects or regions.


    1. Log in to CVM Console.
    2. In the left sidebar, click Security Group to enter the security group management page.
    3. On the security group management page, choose Region and locate the row of the security group to be cloned.
    4. In the operation column, click More > Clone.
    5. In the "Clone Security Group" window that appears, select Target Project and Target Region for the cloning, enter a New Name for the security group, and click OK.