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Bill and Usage Query

Last updated: 2022-05-18 14:36:38

    CLS supports self-service bill and usage query in the following steps:

    Bill Query

    1. Go to the Billing Center and enter the Bill Details page.
    2. In the All Products drop-down list, select CLS to view CLS bills.

    Usage Query

    Viewing the usage of a single log topic

    1. Log in to the CLS console and go to the Log Topic page.
    2. In the log topic list, click to view the usage of a log topic.

    Viewing the usage of multiple log topics

    1. Log in to the CM console and go to the Dashboard List page.

    2. Click Create Dashboard to create a dashboard for analyzing log topic usage.

    3. Click Create Chart and select the metrics and log topics you want to view as shown below.

    4. After completing the configuration, click Save in the top-right corner to save the dashboard.
      For more information on how to use the dashboard feature, see Overview.

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