Mathematical Function

Last updated: 2021-01-19 17:53:48

The log analysis feature of CLS can analyze log fields in int, long, and double types through statistical functions and mathematical functions. Detailed statements and descriptions are as follows:

Function Description
ABS(KEY) Returns the absolute value of the KEY column.
SQRT(KEY) Returns the square root of the KEY column.
POWER(KEY, y) Returns the yth power of the KEY column.
ROUND(KEY, y) Rounds to y decimal place(s) for the KEY column; for example, round(1.012345,2) = 1.01. If y is empty, decimal places are ignored.
FLOOR(KEY) Returns the largest integer smaller than KEY.
LOG(KEY) Returns the natural logarithm of the KEY column.
LOG10(KEY) Returns the natural logarithm with base 10 of the KEY column.