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Last updated: 2020-06-08 16:16:02

Certificate APIs

API Name Feature
ApplyCertificate Applies for a free certificate
CancelCertificateOrder Cancels a certificate order
CommitCertificateInformation Submits a certificate order
DeleteCertificate Deletes a certificate
DescribeCertificate Obtains certificate information
DescribeCertificateDetail Obtains certificate details
DescribeCertificateOperateLogs Obtains certificate operation logs
DescribeCertificates Obtains the certificate list
DownloadCertificate Downloads a certificate
ModifyCertificateAlias Modifies a certificate alias
ModifyCertificateProject Modifies the projects of multiple certificates
ReplaceCertificate Reissues a certificate
SubmitCertificateInformation Submits certificate information
UploadCertificate Uploads a certificate

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