API Category

Last updated: 2019-09-09 20:17:27

API Name Description
AttachDisks Mounts one or more cloud disks
CreateDisks Creates one or more cloud disks
DescribeDiskConfigQuota Queries cloud disk quota
DescribeDiskOperationLogs Queries the cloud disk operation log list
DescribeDisks Queries the list of cloud disks
DescribeInstancesDiskNum Queries the number of cloud disks associated to an instance
DetachDisks Unmounts one or more cloud disks
InquiryPriceCreateDisks Queries the price for creating one or more cloud disks
InquiryPriceRenewDisks Queries the price for renewing one or more cloud disks
InquiryPriceResizeDisk Queries the price for expanding capacity of a cloud disk
ModifyDiskAttributes Modifies the attributes of a cloud disk
ModifyDisksRenewFlag Modifies the renewal flag of a cloud disk
RenewDisk Renews a cloud disk
ResizeDisk Expands the capacity of a cloud disk
TerminateDisks Returns one or more cloud disks
API Name Description
ApplySnapshot Rolls back a snapshot
BindAutoSnapshotPolicy Binds a scheduled snapshot policy
CreateAutoSnapshotPolicy Creates a scheduled snapshot policy
CreateSnapshot Creates a snapshot
DeleteAutoSnapshotPolicies Deletes a scheduled snapshot policy
DeleteSnapshots Deletes one or more snapshots
DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicies Queries scheduled snapshot policies
DescribeDiskAssociatedAutoSnapshotPolicy Queries the scheduled snapshot policies associated with a cloud disk
DescribeSnapshotOperationLogs Queries the snapshot operation log list.
DescribeSnapshots Queries the list of snapshots
ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicyAttribute Modifies the information of a scheduled snapshot policy
ModifySnapshotAttribute Modifies snapshot information
UnbindAutoSnapshotPolicy Unbinds a scheduled snapshot policy