API Category

Last updated: 2020-02-18 16:34:06

API Name Feature
AttachDisks Mounting Cloud Disks
CreateDisks Creating a Cloud Disk
DescribeDiskConfigQuota Queries cloud disk quota
DescribeDiskOperationLogs Querying a Cloud Disk Operation Log List
DescribeDisks Queries the list of cloud disks
DescribeInstancesDiskNum Queries the number of cloud disks associated to an instance
DetachDisks Unmounts a cloud disk
InquiryPriceCreateDisks Inquires the price for creating a cloud disk
InquiryPriceRenewDisks Inquires the price for renewing a cloud disk
InquiryPriceResizeDisk Inquires the price for expanding the capacity of a cloud disk
ModifyDiskAttributes Modifies cloud disk attributes
ModifyDisksChargeType Modifies the billing mode of elastic cloud disks
ModifyDisksRenewFlag Modifies the renewal flag of a cloud disk
ResizeDisk Expanding Cloud Disk Capacity
TerminateDisks Returns a cloud disk

API Name Feature
ApplySnapshot Rolls back a snapshot
CreateSnapshot Create a snapshot
DeleteSnapshots Deletes a snapshot
DescribeSnapshotOperationLogs Querying a Snapshot Operation Log List
DescribeSnapshots Queries the list of snapshots
ModifySnapshotAttribute Modifies snapshot information