API Category

Last updated: 2019-09-09 21:43:42

User APIs

API name Description
AddUser Add a sub-user
AddUserToGroup Add a user to a user group
CreateGroup Create a user group
DeleteGroup Delete a user group
DeleteUser Delete a sub-user
GetGroup Query user group details
GetUser Query a sub-user
ListGroups Query user group list
ListGroupsForUser List the user groups associated with a user
ListUsers Pull a sub-user
ListUsersForGroup Query the list of users associated with a user group
RemoveUserFromGroup Remove a user from a user group
UpdateGroup Update a user group
UpdateUser Update a sub-user

Policy APIs

API name Description
AttachGroupPolicy Bind a policy to a user group
AttachUserPolicy Bind a policy to a user
CreatePolicy Create a policy
DeletePolicy Delete a policy
DetachGroupPolicy Unbind a policy from a user group
DetachUserPolicy Unbind a policy from a user
GetPolicy View policy details
ListAttachedGroupPolicies Query the list of policies associated with a user group
ListAttachedUserPolicies Query the list of policies associated with a sub-account
ListEntitiesForPolicy Query the list of entities associated with a policy
ListPolicies Query policy list
UpdatePolicy Update a policy

Identity Provider APIs

API name Description
CreateSAMLProvider Create an SAML identity provider
DeleteSAMLProvider Delete an SAML identity provider
GetSAMLProvider Query SAML identity provider details
ListSAMLProviders Query SAML identity provider list
UpdateSAMLProvider Update an SAML identity provider info