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Last updated: 2021-09-15 17:10:46

Origin Server APIs

API Name Feature
AddRealServers Adds an origin server.
DescribeRealServers Queries origin server information.
DescribeRealServersStatus Queries origin server binding status.
ModifyRealServerName Modifies an origin server name.
RemoveRealServers Deletes an origin server.

Rule APIs

API Name Feature
BindRuleRealServers Binds forwarding rules with origin server.
CreateCustomHeader Creates a custom header
CreateDomain Creates a access domain name for HTTPS listeners.
CreateDomainErrorPageInfo Customizes the error code of an error response to the specified domain name.
CreateRule Creates listener forwarding rules.
DeleteDomain Deletes a forwarding rule based on domain names.
DeleteDomainErrorPageInfo Deletes a custom error code for a domain name
DeleteRule Deletes a forwarding rule of a layer-7 listener.
DescribeBlackHeader Queries the list of blocked custom headers
DescribeCustomHeader Queries a list of custom headers
DescribeDomainErrorPageInfo Queries the custom error response to a domain name
DescribeDomainErrorPageInfoByIds Queries a corresponding error response by a custom error ID
DescribeRuleRealServers Queries the origin server information related to forwarding rules.
DescribeRules Queries forwarding rule information.
DescribeRulesByRuleIds Pulls the list of rules based on rule ID
ModifyCertificate Modifies the certificate of a domain name.
ModifyDomain Updates the domain name of a listener forwarding rule.
ModifyRuleAttribute Modifies forwarding rule information.
SetAuthentication Advanced authentication configuration

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeGroupAndStatisticsProxy Queries the information of connections and connection groups from which the statistics can be derived.
DescribeListenerStatistics Queries listener statistics.
DescribeProxyGroupStatistics Queries connection group statistics.
DescribeProxyStatistics Queries connection statistics.
DescribeRealServerStatistics Queries the health check statistics of bound origin server (disused)
DescribeRegionAndPrice Obtains an origin server region and a bandwidth price gradient.
DescribeResourcesByTag Pulls a resource list by tags.

Connection APIs

API Name Feature
CheckProxyCreate Queries whether a connection can be created.
CloseProxies Disables a connection.
CloseSecurityPolicy Disables a security policy.
CreateProxy Creates a connection.
CreateSecurityPolicy Creates security policies.
CreateSecurityRules Adds security policy rules.
DeleteSecurityPolicy Deletes a security policy.
DeleteSecurityRules Deletes a security policy rule.
DescribeAccessRegions Queries acceleration regions.
DescribeAccessRegionsByDestRegion Queries available acceleration regions based on the origin server region.
DescribeDestRegions Queries origin server region.
DescribeProxies Queries a connection instance list.
DescribeProxiesStatus Queries a connection status list.
DescribeProxyAndStatisticsListeners Queries the information of listeners and connections from which the statistics can be derived.
DescribeProxyDetail Queries connection details.
DescribeSecurityPolicyDetail Obtains security policy details.
DescribeSecurityRules Queries the list of security rules based on security rule ID
DestroyProxies Terminates a connection.
InquiryPriceCreateProxy Creates acceleration connection price inquiries.
ModifyProxiesAttribute Modifies connection attributes.
ModifyProxiesProject Modifies the project to which a connection belongs.
ModifyProxyConfiguration Modifies connection configuration.
ModifySecurityRule Modifies a security policy rule name.
OpenProxies Enables a connection.
OpenSecurityPolicy Enables a security policy.

Listener APIs

API Name Feature
BindListenerRealServers Binds listeners with an origin server.
CreateHTTPListener Creates an HTTP listener.
CreateHTTPSListener Creates an HTTPS listener.
CreateTCPListeners Creates a TCP listener.
CreateUDPListeners Creates an UDP listener.
DeleteListeners Deletes a connection listener.
DescribeHTTPListeners Queries HTTP listener information.
DescribeHTTPSListeners Queries the HTTPS listener information.
DescribeListenerRealServers Queries a listener origin server list.
DescribeTCPListeners Queries a TCP listener list.
DescribeUDPListeners Queries an UDP listener list.
ModifyHTTPListenerAttribute Modifies HTTP listener configuration.
ModifyHTTPSListenerAttribute Modifies HTTPS listener configuration.
ModifyTCPListenerAttribute Modifies TCP listener configuration.
ModifyUDPListenerAttribute Modifies UDP listener configuration.

Certificate APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCertificate Creates a certificate.
DeleteCertificate Deletes a certificate.
DescribeCertificateDetail Queries certificate details.
DescribeCertificates Queries a server certificate list.
ModifyCertificateAttributes Modifies certificate attributes.

Connection Group APIs

API Name Feature
CloseProxyGroup Disables a connection group
CreateProxyGroup Creates a connection group.
CreateProxyGroupDomain Enables a connection group domain name.
DeleteProxyGroup Deletes a connection group.
DescribeCountryAreaMapping Obtains country/region code mapping table.
DescribeGroupDomainConfig Obtains the domain name resolution configuration details a connection group.
DescribeProxyGroupDetails Queries connection group details.
DescribeProxyGroupList Pulls a connection group list.
ModifyGroupDomainConfig Configures the nearest access domain name of a connection group.
ModifyProxyGroupAttribute Modifies connection group attributes.
OpenProxyGroup Enables a connection group