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1. API Description

API request domain name:

This API gets the function details, including fields such as the name, code, handling method, associated trigger and timeout.

Default API request frequency limit: 20 times/second.

2. Input Parameters

The following list of request parameters lists only the API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete list of common parameters, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common parameter; the name of this API: GetFunction
Version Yes String Common parameter; the version of this API: 2018-04-16
Region Yes String Common parameters; for details, see the Region List.
FunctionName Yes String Name of the queried function
Qualifier No String Version number of the function
ShowCode No String Whether or not to display the code; TRUE means yes, while FALSE means no; any code that is larger than 1MB in size will not be displayed.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter name Type Description
ModTime Timestamp Last modified time of the function
CodeInfo String Code of the function
Description String Description of the function
Triggers Array of Trigger Trigger list of the function
Handler String Handler of the function
CodeSize Integer Code size of the function
Timeout Integer Timeout of the function
FunctionVersion String Version of the function
MemorySize Integer Maximum available memory for the function
Runtime String Runtime environment of the function
FunctionName String Name of the function
VpcConfig VpcConfig VPC of the function
UseGpu String This indicates whether to use the GPU
Environment Environment Environment variables of the function
CodeResult String This indicates whether the code is correct
CodeError String Error message of the code
ErrNo Integer Error code of the code
Namespace String Namespace of the function
Role String Role bound with the function
RequestId String The ID of the request. Each request returns a unique ID. The RequestId is required to troubleshoot issues.

4. Sample

Getting Function Details

You use this function to get the corresponding function information, and you can specify the version and namespace.

Input Sample Code
&<Common request parameter>

Output Sample Code

    "Response": {
        "ModTime": "2018-06-07 09:52:23",
        "Environment": {
            "Variables": []
        "CodeError": "",
        "Description": "",
        "VpcConfig": {
            "SubnetId": "",
            "VpcId": ""
        "Triggers": [],
        "ErrNo": 0,
        "UseGpu": "FALSE",
        "CodeSize": 0,
        "MemorySize": 128,
        "Namespace": "default",
        "FunctionVersion": "$LATEST",
        "Timeout": 3,
        "RequestId": "a1ffbba5-5489-45bc-89c5-453e50d5386e",
        "CodeResult": "failed",
        "Handler": "scfredis.main_handler",
        "Runtime": "Python2.7",
        "FunctionName": "ledDummyAPITest",
        "CodeInfo": "",
        "Role": ""

5. Developer Resources

API Explorer

This tool provides various capabilities such as online call, signature verification, SDK code generation, and quick API retrieval that significantly reduce the difficulty of using TencentCloud API.

6. Error Codes

The following error codes are API business logic-related. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

Error Code Description
InternalError Internal error
InternalError.System Internal system error.
InvalidParameterValue An invalid value was declared for the input parameter.
ResourceNotFound.FunctionName Function does not exist.
UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized operation
UnauthorizedOperation.CAM CAM authentication failed.