API Category

Last updated: 2020-02-21 11:27:53

Function APIs

API Name Feature
CopyFunction Replicates a function
CreateFunction Creates a function
DeleteFunction Deletes a function
GetFunction Obtains function details
GetFunctionLogs Obtains a function running log
Invoke Runs a function
ListFunctions Obtains a function list
ListVersionByFunction Queries a function version
PublishVersion Releases a new version
UpdateFunctionCode Updates the function code
UpdateFunctionConfiguration Updates the function configuration

Namespace APIs

API Name Feature
CreateNamespace Creates a namespace
DeleteNamespace Deletes a namespace
ListNamespaces Displays a namespace list
UpdateNamespace Updates a namespace

Other APIs

API Name Feature
GetFunctionAddress Obtains download address of the function code

Trigger APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTrigger Creates a function trigger
DeleteTrigger Deletes a trigger