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    Read APIs

    API Name Feature
    GetOrganization Obtains organization information
    GetOrganizationMember Obtains information on organization members
    ListOrganizationInvitations Obtains an invitation list
    ListOrganizationMembers Obtains a list of organization members
    ListOrganizationNodeMembers Obtains a list of organizational unit members
    ListOrganizationNodes Obtains a list of organizational units

    Write API

    API Name Feature
    AcceptOrganizationInvitation Accepts an invitation to an organization
    AddOrganizationNode Adds an organizational unit
    CancelOrganizationInvitation Cancels an invitation to an organization
    CreateOrganization Creates an organization
    DeleteOrganization Deletes an organization
    DeleteOrganizationMemberFromNode Deletes an organization member
    DeleteOrganizationMembers Deletes multiple organization members
    DeleteOrganizationNodes Deletes multiple organizational units
    DenyOrganizationInvitation Declines an invitation to an organization
    MoveOrganizationMembersToNode Moves members to a specified organizational unit
    QuitOrganization Quits an organization
    SendOrganizationInvitation Sends an invitation to join an organization
    UpdateOrganizationMember Updates information on organization members
    UpdateOrganizationNode Updates organizational units

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