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1. API Description

API request domain name:

DescribePayType describes billing details of the current account, including billing type and billing cycle.

Default API request rate limit: 20 requests/sec.

2. Input Parameters

The following parameters are required for requesting this API, including action-specific parameters and common parameters. For more information about common parameters for all requests, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common parameter, the name of this API: DescribePayType
Version Yes String Common parameter, the version of this API: 2018-06-06
Region No String Common parameter; optional for this API.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter name Type Description
PayType String Billing type:
flux: Bill-by-traffic
bandwidth: Bill-by-bandwidth
BillingCycle String Billing cycle:
day: Daily settlement
month: Monthly settlement
StatType String Billing method:
monthMax: Billed by the monthly average of daily peak traffic (monthly settlement)
day95: Billed by the daily 95th percentile bandwidth (monthly settlement)
month95: Billed by the monthly 95th percentile bandwidth (monthly settlement)
sum: Billed by the total traffic (daily or monthly settlement)
max: Billed by the peak bandwidth (daily settlement)
RequestId String The ID of the request. Each request returns a unique ID. The RequestId is required to troubleshoot issues.

4. Sample

Sample 1. Querying the Billing Method

Input Sample Code
&<Common request parameter>

Output Sample Code

  "Response": {
    "RequestId": "1732a0dd-48d8-4ff1-8dcb-7f04ca139825",
    "PayType": "flux",
    "StatType": "sum",
    "BillingCycle": "day"

5. Developer Resources

API Explorer

This tool provides various capabilities such as online call, signature verification, SDK code generation, and quick API retrieval that significantly reduce the difficulty of using TencentCloud API.


TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates software development toolkits (SDKs) that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call the APIs.


6. Error Codes

The following only lists the error codes related to this API. For other error codes, see Common Error Codes.

Error Code Description
InternalError.CdnDbError Internal data error. Please submit a ticket for troubleshooting.
InternalError.CdnSystemError System error. Please submit a ticket for troubleshooting.
InvalidParameter.CdnInterfaceError Internal API error. Please submit a ticket for troubleshooting.
ResourceNotFound.CdnUserNotExists The CDN service has not been activated. Please activate it first before using this API.
UnauthorizedOperation.CdnUserNoWhitelist You are not on the whitelist, so using this function is prohibited.