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Last updated: 2020-02-11 20:01:43

Key APIs

API Name Feature
CancelKeyDeletion Cancel CMK pending delete operation
CreateKey Create master key
Decrypt Decrypt
DeleteImportedKeyMaterial Deletes imported key material
DisableKey Disable master key
DisableKeyRotation Disable master key rotation
DisableKeys Disable master key in bulk
EnableKey Enable master key
EnableKeyRotation Enable key rotation
EnableKeys Enable master key in bulk
Encrypt Encrypt
GenerateDataKey Generate data key
GenerateRandom Generates a random number
GetKeyRotationStatus Query key rotation status
GetParametersForImport Gets the parameters of the material to be imported into a CMK
GetServiceStatus Query service status
ImportKeyMaterial Imports key material
ListKeyDetail Get master key list details
ListKeys Get master key list
ReEncrypt Ciphertext refresh
ScheduleKeyDeletion CMK Scheduled delete interface
UpdateAlias Modify alias
UpdateKeyDescription Modify master key description