API Category

Last updated: 2019-09-09 12:20:51

Parameter Management APIs

API name Description
DescribeInstanceParamRecords Query the list of parameter modifications
DescribeInstanceParams Query the list of instance parameters
DescribeInstanceSecurityGroup Query the security group information of an instance
DescribeProjectSecurityGroup Query the security group information of a project
ModifyInstanceParams Modify instance parameters

Region APIs

API name Description
DescribeProductInfo Query product capacity specifications

Backup and Restoration APIs

API name Description
DescribeBackupUrl Query the download address of a backup RDB
DescribeInstanceBackups Query the list of Redis instance backups
ManualBackupInstance Manually back up a Redis instance

Instance APIs

API name Description
CleanUpInstance Deactivate an instance in the recycle bin immediately
ClearInstance Clear a Redis instance
CreateInstances Create a Redis instance
DescribeAutoBackupConfig Get backup configuration
DescribeInstanceDealDetail Query order information
DescribeInstanceShards Get the cluster mode instance shard information
DescribeInstances Query the list of Redis instances
DescribeTaskInfo Get Redis query task result
DestroyPostpaidInstance Terminate a pay-as-you-go instance
DestroyPrepaidInstance Return a prepaid instance
DisableReplicaReadonly Disable read-write separation
EnableReplicaReadonly Enable read-write separation
ModfiyInstancePassword Modify Redis password
ModifyAutoBackupConfig Set auto backup schedule
ModifyInstance Modify instance-related information
ModifyNetworkConfig Modify network configuration of an instance
RenewInstance Renew an instance
ResetPassword Reset password
RestoreInstance Restore a Redis instance
UpgradeInstance Upgrade an instance