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Last updated: 2020-11-24 10:52:39

Data Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeEcdnDomainStatistics Queries domain name statistical metrics
DescribeEcdnStatistics Queries access data

Content Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribePurgeQuota Queries purge usage quota
DescribePurgeTasks Queries purge history
PurgePathCache Purges directories
PurgeUrlsCache Purges URLs

Domain Name Management APIs

API Name Feature
AddEcdnDomain Creates an acceleration domain name
DeleteEcdnDomain Deletes an acceleration domain name
StartEcdnDomain Enables an acceleration domain name
StopEcdnDomain Disables an acceleration domain name

Service Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeIpStatus Queries the node status of the domain name

Configuration Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDomains Queries the basic information of a domain name
DescribeDomainsConfig Queries the detailed configuration of a domain name
UpdateDomainConfig Updates domain name configuration

Log Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeEcdnDomainLogs Queries the log download link of a domain name

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