Data Types

Last updated: 2020-02-15 11:44:32


Details of AttributeKey value

Used by actions: GetAttributeKey.

Name Type Required Description
Label String Yes Chinese label
LabelType String Yes Input box type
Order Integer Yes Display sort order
Starter String Yes Initial display
Value String Yes AttributeKey value


Tracking set overview

Used by actions: ListAudits.

Name Type Required Description
AuditName String No Tracking set name
AuditStatus Integer No Tracking set status. Value range: 1 (enabled), 0 (disabled)
CosBucketName String No COS bucket name
LogFilePrefix String No Log prefix


CMQ region information

Used by actions: ListCmqEnableRegion.

Name Type Required Description
CmqRegion String No CMQ region
CmqRegionName String No Region description


CMQ region information

Used by actions: ListCosEnableRegion.

Name Type Required Description
CosRegion String No COS region
CosRegionName String No Region description


Log details

Used by actions: LookUpEvents.

Name Type Required Description
Resources Resource No Resource pair
AccountID Integer No Root account ID
CloudAuditEvent String No Log details
ErrorCode Integer No Authentication error code
EventId String No Log ID
EventName String No Event name
EventNameCn String No Description of event name
EventRegion String No Event region
EventSource String No Request source
EventTime String No Event time
RequestID String No Request ID
ResourceTypeCn String No Description of resource type
SecretId String No Certificate ID
SourceIPAddress String No Source IP
Username String No Username


Search criteria

Used by actions: LookUpEvents.

Name Type Required Description
AttributeKey String Yes AttributeKey value range: RequestId, EventName, ReadOnly, Username, ResourceType, ResourceName, AccessKeyId, EventId
AttributeValue String No AttributeValue


Resource type

Used by actions: LookUpEvents.

Name Type Required Description
ResourceName String No Resource name
ResourceType String No Resource type