Data Types

Last updated: 2020-01-13 17:13:13


Information on an invitation to an organization.

Used by actions: ListOrganizationInvitations.

Name Type Description
Id Integer Invitation ID
Uin Integer UIN of the invitee
HostUin Integer Creator UIN
HostName String Creator’s name
HostMail String Creator’s email address
Status Integer Invitation status. -1: expired; 0: normal; 1: accepted; 2: invalid; 3: cancelled
Name String Name
Remark String Notes
OrgType Integer Organization type
InviteTime Timestamp Time of invitation
ExpireTime Timestamp Expiration time


Information on an organization member.

Used by actions: ListOrganizationMembers、ListOrganizationNodeMembers.

Name Type Description
Uin Integer UIN
Name String Name
Remark String Notes
JoinTime Timestamp Joining time


Information on an organizational unit.

Used by actions: ListOrganizationNodes.

Name Type Description
NodeId Integer Organizational unit ID
Name String Name
ParentNodeId Integer Parent organizational unit ID
MemberCount Integer Number of members