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Last updated: 2021-08-02 15:35:37

    Security Group APIs

    API Name Feature
    AssociateSecurityGroups Associates security groups in batches
    DescribeDBSecurityGroups Queries the security group details of an instance
    DescribeProjectSecurityGroups Queries the security group details of a project
    DisassociateSecurityGroups Unassociates security groups in batches
    ModifyDBInstanceSecurityGroups Modifies the security groups associated with TencentDB


    API Name Feature
    CancelDcnJob Cancels DCN synchronization
    CloneAccount Clones an instance account
    CloseDBExtranetAccess Disables public network access
    CopyAccountPrivileges Copies account permissions
    CreateAccount Creates an account
    DeleteAccount Deletes an account
    DescribeAccountPrivileges Queries account permissions
    DescribeAccounts Queries the list of accounts
    DescribeDBLogFiles Gets the list of logs
    DescribeDBParameters Views database parameters
    DescribeDBSyncMode Queries the sync mode
    DescribeDCDBInstanceNodeInfo Queries instance node information
    DescribeDCDBInstances Queries the list of instances
    DescribeDCDBShards Queries shard information
    DescribeDatabaseObjects Queries the list of database objects
    DescribeDatabaseTable Queries table information
    DescribeDatabases Queries the list of databases
    DescribeDcnDetail Queries the disaster recovery details of an instance
    DescribeFlow Queries task status
    DestroyDCDBInstance Terminates an isolated monthly-subscribed instance
    DestroyHourDCDBInstance Terminates a pay-as-you-go instance
    GrantAccountPrivileges Sets account permissions
    InitDCDBInstances Initializes instances
    ModifyAccountDescription Modifies account remarks
    ModifyDBInstancesProject Modifies the project to which instances belong
    ModifyDBParameters Modifies database parameters
    ModifyDBSyncMode Modifies the sync mode
    OpenDBExtranetAccess Enables public network access
    ResetAccountPassword Resets account password