API Category

Last updated: 2020-01-13 11:37:27

AI-based Sample Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreatePersonSample Creates a figure sample
CreateWordSamples Creates keyword samples
DeletePersonSample Deletes a figure sample
DeleteWordSamples Deletes keyword samples
DescribePersonSamples Gets the list of figure samples
DescribeWordSamples Gets the list of keyword samples
ModifyPersonSample Modifies a figure sample
ModifyWordSample Modifies a keyword sample

Other APIs

API Name Feature
ParseLiveStreamProcessNotification Parses the live stream processing result
ParseNotification Parses an event notification

Parameter Template APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAIRecognitionTemplate Creates a content recognition template
CreateAnimatedGraphicsTemplate Creates an animated image generating template
CreateContentReviewTemplate Creates a content audit template
CreateImageSpriteTemplate Creates an image sprite generating template
CreateSampleSnapshotTemplate Creates a sampled screencapturing template
CreateSnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplate Creates a time point screencapturing template
CreateTranscodeTemplate Creates a transcoding template
CreateWatermarkTemplate Creates a watermarking template
DeleteAIRecognitionTemplate Deletes a content recognition template
DeleteAnimatedGraphicsTemplate Deletes an animated image generating template
DeleteContentReviewTemplate Deletes a content audit template
DeleteImageSpriteTemplate Deletes an image sprite generating template
DeleteSampleSnapshotTemplate Deletes a sampled screencapturing template
DeleteSnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplate Deletes a time point screencapturing template
DeleteTranscodeTemplate Deletes a transcoding template
DeleteWatermarkTemplate Deletes a watermarking template
DescribeAIRecognitionTemplates Gets the list of content recognition templates
DescribeAnimatedGraphicsTemplates Gets the list of animated image generating templates
DescribeContentReviewTemplates Gets the list of content audit templates
DescribeImageSpriteTemplates Gets the list of image sprite generating templates
DescribeSampleSnapshotTemplates Gets the list of sampled screencapturing templates
DescribeSnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplates Gets the list of time point screencapturing templates
DescribeTranscodeTemplates Gets the list of transcoding templates
DescribeWatermarkTemplates Gets the list of watermarking templates
ModifyAIRecognitionTemplate Modifies a content recognition template
ModifyAnimatedGraphicsTemplate Modifies an animated image generating template
ModifyContentReviewTemplate Modifies a content audit template
ModifyImageSpriteTemplate Modifies an image sprite generating template
ModifySampleSnapshotTemplate Modifies a sampled screencapturing template
ModifySnapshotByTimeOffsetTemplate Modifies a time point screencapturing template
ModifyTranscodeTemplate Modifies a transcoding template
ModifyWatermarkTemplate Modifies a watermarking template

Task Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeTaskDetail Queries task details
DescribeTasks Gets the task list

Video Processing APIs

API Name Feature
ProcessLiveStream Initiates a live stream processing task
ProcessMedia Initiates a video processing task

Workflow Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateWorkflow Creates a workflow
DeleteWorkflow Deletes a workflow
DescribeWorkflows Get the workflow list
DisableWorkflow Disables a workflow
EnableWorkflow Enables a workflow
ResetWorkflow Resets a workflow