API Category

Last updated: 2021-01-18 14:23:36

Face Detection and Analysis APIs

API Name Feature
DetectFace Detects and analyzes face

Facial Feature Localization APIs

API Name Feature
AnalyzeFace Performs facial feature localization

Face Comparison APIs

API Name Feature
CompareFace Compares faces

Group Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateGroup Creates group
DeleteGroup Deletes group
GetGroupInfo Gets group information
GetGroupList Gets group list
ModifyGroup Modifies group
CreatePerson Creates person
DeletePerson Deletes person
DeletePersonFromGroup Deletes person from group
GetPersonGroupInfo Gets the group information of person
GetPersonBaseInfo Gets the basic information of person
GetPersonList Gets person list
GetPersonListNum Gets person list length
ModifyPersonGroupInfo Modifies person description
ModifyPersonBaseInfo Modifies the basic information of person
CopyPerson Copies person
CreateFace Adds face
DeleteFace Deletes face

Face Search APIs

API Name Feature
SearchFaces Searches for face
SearchFacesReturnsByGroup Searches for face with results returned by group
SearchPersons Searches for person
SearchPersonsReturnsByGroup Searches for person with results returned by group

Face Verification APIs

API Name Feature
VerifyFace Verifies face
VerifyPerson Verifies person

Image-based Liveness Detection APIs

API Name Feature
DetectLiveFace Detects liveness based on image