Data Types

Last updated: 2021-04-15 16:40:46


TencentDB account information

Used by actions: CreateAccounts, DeleteAccounts, ModifyAccountDescription, ModifyAccountPassword, ModifyAccountPrivileges.

Name Type Required Description
User String Yes New account name
Host String Yes New account domain name


Account details

Used by actions: DescribeAccounts.

Name Type Description
Notes String Account remarks
Host String Account domain name
User String Account name
ModifyTime Timestamp Account information modification time
ModifyPasswordTime Timestamp Password modification time
CreateTime Timestamp Account creation time


Configuration information of ECDB secondary database 2. This field is only applicable to ECDB instances

Used by actions: DescribeDBInstanceConfig.

Name Type Description
ReplicationMode String Replication mode of secondary database 2. Value range: async, semi-sync
Zone String Name of the AZ of secondary database 2, such as ap-shanghai-1
Vip String Private IP address of secondary database 2
Vport Integer Access port of secondary database 2


Backup details

Used by actions: DescribeBackups.

Name Type Description
Name String Backup filename
Size Integer Backup file size in bytes
Date String Backup snapshot time in the format of yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss, such as 2016-03-17 02:10:37
IntranetUrl String Download address on the private network
InternetUrl String Download address on the public network
Type String Log type. Valid values: logical (logical cold backup), physical (physical cold backup).
BackupId Integer Backup subtask ID, which is used when backup files are deleted
Status String Backup task status. Valid values: SUCCESS (backup succeeded), FAILED (backup failed), RUNNING (backup is in progress).
FinishTime String Backup task completion time
Creator String (This field will be disused and is thus not recommended) backup creator. Valid values: SYSTEM (created by system), Uin (initiator's Uin value).
StartTime String Backup task start time
Method String Backup method. Valid values: full (full backup), partial (partial backup).
Way String Backup mode. Valid values: manual (manual backup), automatic (automatic backup).


When creating a backup, you need to specify the information of the table to be backed up.

Used by actions: CreateBackup.

Name Type Required Description
Db String Yes Name of the database to be backed up
Table String No Name of the table to be backed up. If this parameter is passed in, the specified table in the database will be backed up; otherwise, the database will be backed up.


Statistical items of instance backup

Used by actions: DescribeBackupSummaries.

Name Type Description
InstanceId String Instance ID.
AutoBackupCount Integer Number of automatic data backups of an instance.
AutoBackupVolume Integer Capacity of automatic data backups of an instance.
ManualBackupCount Integer Number of manual data backups of an instance.
ManualBackupVolume Integer Capacity of manual data backups of an instance.
DataBackupCount Integer Total number of data backups of an instance (including automatic backups and manual backups).
DataBackupVolume Integer Total capacity of data backups of an instance.
BinlogBackupCount Integer Number of log backups of an instance.
BinlogBackupVolume Integer Capacity of log backups of an instance.
BackupVolume Integer Total capacity of backups of an instance (including data backups and log backups).