API Category

Last updated: 2021-11-24 16:53:44

Account APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAccounts Creates TencentDB accounts
DeleteAccounts Deletes TencentDB accounts
DescribeAccountPrivileges Queries the information of TencentDB account permissions
DescribeAccounts Queries the information of all TencentDB accounts
DescribeSupportedPrivileges Queries the information of TencentDB instance permissions
ModifyAccountDescription Modifies the remarks of a TencentDB instance account
ModifyAccountMaxUserConnections Modifies the maximum connections of one or more TencentDB instance accounts
ModifyAccountPassword Modifies the password of a TencentDB instance account
ModifyAccountPrivileges Modifies the permissions of a TencentDB instance account

Security Group APIs

API Name Feature
AssociateSecurityGroups Binds security groups in batches
DescribeDBSecurityGroups Queries the security group information
DescribeProjectSecurityGroups Queries the security group information of a project
DisassociateSecurityGroups Unbinds security groups in batches
ModifyDBInstanceSecurityGroups Modifies the security groups bound to a TencentDB instance

Data Import APIs

API Name Feature
CreateDBImportJob Creates a data import task
DescribeDBImportRecords Queries import task records
DescribeUploadedFiles Queries the list of imported SQL files (deprecated)
StopDBImportJob Stops a data import task

Database Audit APIs

API Name Feature
CreateAuditPolicy Creates an audit policy

Parameter APIs

API Name Feature
CreateParamTemplate Creates a parameter template
DeleteParamTemplate Deletes a parameter template
DescribeDefaultParams Queries the list of default configurable parameters
DescribeInstanceParamRecords Queries the parameter modification records
DescribeInstanceParams Queries the list of configurable parameters for an instance
DescribeParamTemplateInfo Queries the parameter template details
DescribeParamTemplates Queries the list of parameter templates
ModifyInstanceParam Modifies instance parameters
ModifyParamTemplate Modifies a parameter template

Database APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDatabases Queries databases
DescribeTables Queries database tables

Instance APIs

API Name Feature
AddTimeWindow Adds a maintenance time window
BalanceRoGroupLoad Rebalances the loads of instances in RO group
CloseWanService Disables public network access for an instance
CreateDBInstanceHour Creates pay-as-you-go TencentDB instance
CreateDeployGroup Creates a placement group
CreateRoInstanceIp Creates a VIP exclusive to a TencentDB read-only instance
DeleteDeployGroups Deletes placement groups
DeleteTimeWindow Deletes a maintenance time window
DescribeDBInstanceCharset Queries the character set of a TencentDB instance
DescribeDBInstanceConfig Queries the configuration information of a TencentDB instance
DescribeDBInstanceGTID Queries whether GTID is activated for a TencentDB instance
DescribeDBInstanceInfo Queries the basic information of instance
DescribeDBInstanceRebootTime Queries the estimated restart time of a TencentDB instance
DescribeDBInstances Queries the list of instances
DescribeDBSwitchRecords Queries the instance switch records
DescribeDBZoneConfig Queries the specifications of purchasable TencentDB instances
DescribeDeployGroupList Queries the list of placement groups
DescribeRoGroups Queries the information of all RO groups of TencentDB instance
DescribeRoMinScale Queries the minimum specification of a read-only instance that can be purchased or upgraded to
DescribeTagsOfInstanceIds Queries instance tags
DescribeTimeWindow Queries a maintenance time window
InitDBInstances Initializes new instances
IsolateDBInstance Isolates a TencentDB instance
ModifyAutoRenewFlag Modifies the auto-renewal flag of a TencentDB instance
ModifyDBInstanceName Renames a TencentDB instance
ModifyDBInstanceProject Modifies the project to which a TencentDB instance belongs
ModifyDBInstanceVipVport Modifies the IP and port number of a TencentDB instance
ModifyInstanceTag Modifies an instance tag
ModifyNameOrDescByDpId Modifies the name or description of a placement group
ModifyRoGroupInfo Updates RO instance group
ModifyRoReplicationDelay Modifies the replication delay of a delayed RO replica
ModifyTimeWindow Updates a maintenance time window
OfflineIsolatedInstances Deactivates isolated TencentDB instances
OpenDBInstanceGTID Enables GTID for an instance
OpenWanService Enables public network access for an instance
ReleaseIsolatedDBInstances Deisolates TencentDB instance
RestartDBInstances Restarts instances
StartDelayReplication Starts delayed replication
StopDelayReplication Stops delayed replication
SwitchDBInstanceMasterSlave Performs source-to-replica switch
SwitchDrInstanceToMaster Promotes a disaster recovery instance to source instance
SwitchForUpgrade Switches to a new instance
UpgradeDBInstance Modifies the configurations of TencentDB instance
UpgradeDBInstanceEngineVersion Upgrades the version of an instance

Backup APIs

API Name Feature
CreateBackup Creates a TencentDB instance backup
DeleteBackup Deletes a TencentDB instance backup
DescribeBackupConfig Queries the configuration information of a TencentDB instance backup
DescribeBackupDownloadRestriction Queries backup download restrictions
DescribeBackupOverview Queries backup overview
DescribeBackupSummaries Queries real-time backup statistics
DescribeBackups Queries data backup file list
DescribeBinlogBackupOverview Queries log backup overview
DescribeBinlogs Queries binlog backup file list
DescribeDataBackupOverview Queries data backup overview
DescribeSlowLogs Queries slow logs
ModifyBackupConfig Modifies the database backup configuration
ModifyBackupDownloadRestriction Modifies backup download restrictions

Log APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeErrorLogData Queries instance error log details
DescribeSlowLogData Queries instance slow logs

Monitoring APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeDeviceMonitorInfo Queries the monitoring information of a physical machine

Rollback APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCloneInstance Clones an instance
DescribeCloneList Queries the clone task list
DescribeRollbackRangeTime Queries the time range available for rollback
DescribeRollbackTaskDetail Queries rollback task details
StartBatchRollback Rolls back database tables
StopRollback Cancels a rollback task

Task APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAsyncRequestInfo Queries the execution result of an async task
DescribeTasks Queries the list of tasks for a TencentDB instance