API Category

Last updated: 2018-10-12 16:08:25

API Name Feature
DescribeTasks Queries the list of database instance tasks

API Name Feature
ModifyInstanceParam Modifies instance parameters

API Name Feature
DescribeRollbackRangeTime Queries available rollback time
StartBatchRollback Rolls back database tables

API Name Feature
CreateBackup Creates a database backup
DeleteBackup Deletes a database backup
DescribeBackupConfig Queries the configuration of a database backup
DescribeBackupDatabases Queries the list of backup databases
DescribeBackupTables Queries the backup data tables of a specified database
DescribeBackups Queries backup logs
DescribeBinlogs Query binary logs
DescribeSlowLogs Queries slow logs
ModifyBackupConfig Modifies the configuration of a database backup

API Name Feature
AssociateSecurityGroups Binds a security group to cloud resources in batch
DescribeDBSecurityGroups Queries the details of security groups of an instance
DescribeProjectSecurityGroups Queries the details of security groups of a project
DisassociateSecurityGroups Unbinds a security group from cloud resources in batch
ModifyDBInstanceSecurityGroups Modifies security groups of a database

API Name Feature
CloseWanService Disables access to an instance over public network
CreateDBInstance Creates a database instance (Prepaid)
CreateDBInstanceHour Creates a database instance (Postpaid)
DescribeDBInstanceCharset Queries the character set of a database instance
DescribeDBInstanceConfig Queries the configuration of a database instance
DescribeDBInstanceGTID Queries whether GTID is enabled for a database instance
DescribeDBInstanceRebootTime Queries the time required to restart a database instance
DescribeDBInstances Queries the list of instances
DescribeDBPrice Queries the price of a database
DescribeDBSwitchRecords Queries database switch records
DescribeDBZoneConfig Queries supported database specifications
InitDBInstances Initializes a new instance
IsolateDBInstance Isolates a database instance
ModifyDBInstanceName Modifies the name of a database instance
ModifyDBInstanceProject Modifies the project to which a database instance belongs
ModifyDBInstanceVipVport Modifies the IP and the port number of a database instance
OpenDBInstanceGTID Enables the GTID of an instance
OpenWanService Enables access to an instance over public network
RestartDBInstances Restarts an instance
SwitchForUpgrade Switches to a new instance
UpgradeDBInstance Upgrades a database instance
UpgradeDBInstanceEngineVersion Upgrades the instance version

API Name Feature
CreateDBImportJob Creates a data import task
DescribeDBImportRecords Queries the logs of import tasks for a database
StopDBImportJob Ends a data import task

API Name Feature
DescribeDatabases Queries databases
DescribeTables Queries database tables

API Name Feature
CreateAccounts Creates a database account
DeleteAccounts Deletes a database account
DescribeAccountPrivileges Queries the permissions of a database account
DescribeAccounts Queries the information of all database accounts
ModifyAccountDescription Modifies the remarks of a database instance account
ModifyAccountPassword Modifies the password of a database instance account
ModifyAccountPrivileges Modifies the permissions of a database instance account
VerifyRootAccount Verifies the permissions of the root account