API Category

Last updated: 2021-03-22 18:06:41

Instance Management APIs

API Name Feature
CloneDB Clones databases
CreateAccount Creates instance account
CreateDB Creates database
CreateDBInstances Creates instance
DeleteAccount Deletes instance account
DeleteDB Drops database
DescribeAccounts Pulls list of instance accounts
DescribeDBCharsets Queries the supported database character sets
DescribeDBInstances Queries the list of instances
DescribeDBs Queries the list of databases
DescribeFlowStatus Queries flow status
DescribeProductConfig Queries purchasable specification configuration
DescribeRegions Queries purchasable regions
DescribeRollbackTime Queries time range available for instance rollback
DescribeZones Queries purchasable AZs
InquiryPriceCreateDBInstances Queries the price of requested instances
InquiryPriceUpgradeDBInstance Queries upgrade price of instance
ModifyAccountPrivilege Modifies instance account permissions
ModifyDBInstanceName Renames instance
ModifyDBInstanceNetwork Changes instance network
ModifyDBInstanceProject Modifies project to which database instance belongs
ModifyDBName Rename database
ModifyDBRemark Modifies database remarks
RecycleDBInstance Returns a deactivated SQL Server instance
ResetAccountPassword Resets account password
RestartDBInstance Restarts instance
RestoreInstance Restores instance from backup file
RollbackInstance Rolls back instance
TerminateDBInstance Isolates an instance
UpgradeDBInstance Upgrades instance

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeOrders Queries order information
DescribeSlowlogs Gets file information of slow query logs
ModifyAccountRemark Modifies account remarks

Backup and Restoration APIs

API Name Feature
CreateBackup Creates backup
CreateBackupMigration Creates backup import tasks
CreateIncrementalMigration Creates incremental backup import tasks
CreateMigration Creates migration task
DeleteBackupMigration Deletes backup import tasks
DeleteIncrementalMigration Deletes incremental backup import tasks
DeleteMigration Deletes migration task
DescribeBackupCommand Queries the commands of creating backups
DescribeBackupMigration Queries backup import tasks
DescribeBackupUploadSize Queries the size of uploaded backup files
DescribeBackups Queries list of backups
DescribeIncrementalMigration Queries incremental backup import tasks
DescribeMigrationDetail Queries migration task details
DescribeMigrations Queries the list of migration tasks
DescribeUploadBackupInfo Queries backup upload permissions.
ModifyBackupMigration Modifies backup import tasks
ModifyBackupStrategy Modifies backup policy
ModifyIncrementalMigration Modifies incremental backup import tasks.
ModifyMigration Modifies migration task
RunMigration Runs migration task
StartBackupMigration Starts backup import tasks