API Category

Last updated: 2019-09-09 14:59:25

Backup and Restoration APIs

API name Description
CreateBackup Create a backup
CreateMigration Create a migration task
DeleteMigration Delete a migration task
DescribeBackups Query the backup list
DescribeMigrationDetail Query migration task details
DescribeMigrations Query the migration task list
ModifyMigration Modify a migration task
RunMigration Run a migration task

Instance Management APIs

API name Description
CreateAccount Creates an instance account
CreateDB Creates a database
CreateDBInstances Creates an instance
DeleteAccount Deletes the specified instance account
DeleteDB Deletes the specified database
DescribeAccounts Describes the list of instance accounts
DescribeDBInstances Describes the instance list
DescribeDBs Describes the database list
DescribeFlowStatus Describes flow status
DescribeProductConfig Describes sale specification configuration
DescribeRegions Describes purchasable regions
DescribeRollbackTime Describes the time range available for instance rollback
DescribeZones Describes purchasable Availability Zones
InquiryPriceCreateDBInstances Inquires the price to create a instance
InquiryPriceUpgradeDBInstance Inquires the price to upgrade the specified instance
ModifyAccountPrivilege Modifies instance account permissions
ModifyDBInstanceName Renames the specified database instance
ModifyDBInstanceProject Modifies the project of the specified database instance
ModifyDBName Renames the specified database
ModifyDBRemark Modifies the remark of the specified database
ResetAccountPassword Resets the account password
RestartDBInstance Restarts the specified database instance
RestoreInstance Restores the specified backed-up instance
RollbackInstance Rolls back the specified instance
UpgradeDBInstance Upgrades the specified instance

Other APIs

API name Description
DescribeOrders Describes the order details
DescribeSlowlogs Get slow query log
ModifyAccountRemark Modifies account remarks