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1. API Description

Domain name for API request:

This API (DescribeDBInstances) is used to query the list of database instances, and supports filtering instances by project ID, instance ID, access address, and instance status, etc.

  1. If you do not specify any filter condition, 20 instance records will be returned by default. A maximum of 100 instance records will be returned for a single request.
  2. Master instances, disaster recovery instances, and read-only instances can be queried via this API.

A maximum of 100 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

Note: This API supports Finance regions. Since Finance regions and non-Finance regions are isolated and not interconnected. If the common parameter Region is a Finance region (such as ap-shanghai-fsi), you need to specify a domain name containing the Finance region that should be identical to the value of Region field, for example:

2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: DescribeDBInstances
Version Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: 2017-03-20
Region Yes String Common parameter. For more information, please see the [list of regions]supported by the product.
ProjectId No Integer Project ID, which can be queried via API [Query Project List].
InstanceTypes.N No Array of Integer Instance type. Available values: 1 - Master instance; 2 - Disaster recovery instance; 3 - Read-only instance.
Vips.N No Array of String Private IP of an instance
Status.N No Array of Integer Instance status. Available values: 0 - Creating; 1 - Running; 4 - Isolating; 5 - Isolated
Offset No Integer Record offset. Default is 0.
Limit No Integer Number of results returned for a single request. Default is 20, and maximum is 2000.
SecurityGroupId No String Security group ID
PayTypes.N No Array of Integer Billing method. Available values: 0 - Prepaid; 1 - Billing on an hourly basis
InstanceNames.N No Array of String Instance name
TaskStatus.N No Array of Integer Instance task status. Available values:
0 - No task
1 - Upgrading
2 - Importing data
3 - Opening slave
4 - Enabling access over public network
5 - Performing batch operation
6 - Rolling back
7 - Disabling access over public network
8 - Modifying password
9 - Modifying instance name
10 - Restarting
12 - Under self-built migration
13 - Deleting database table
14 - Creating disaster recovery instance synchronization
EngineVersions.N No Array of String Version of instance database engine. Available values: 5.1, 5.5, 5.6 and 5.7
VpcIds.N No Array of Integer VPC IDs
ZoneIds.N No Array of Integer Availability zone IDs
SubnetIds.N No Array of Integer Subnet IDs
CdbErrors.N No Array of Integer Queries whether an instance is read-only
OrderBy No String Sorting field. Available values: "InstanceId", "InstanceName", "CreateTime" and "DeadlineTime"
OrderDirection No String Sorting order. Available values: "ASC" and "DESC"
WithSecurityGroup No Integer Indicates whether to query security group information
WithExCluster No Integer Indicates whether to query exclusive cluster information
ExClusterId No String Exclusive cluster ID
InstanceIds.N No Array of String Instance IDs
InitFlag No Integer Initialization mark. Available values: 0 - Uninitialized; 1 - Initialized
WithDr No Integer Indicates whether to query disaster recovery instances
WithRo No Integer Indicates whether to query read-only instances
WithMaster No Integer Indicates whether to query master instances

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
TotalCount Integer Number of instances that meet the condition
Items Array of InstanceInfo Instance details
RequestId String The unique request ID, which is returned for each request. RequestId is required for locating a problem.

4. Error Codes

The following only lists the error codes related to the API business logic. For other error codes, see [Common Error Codes]

Error Code Description
CdbError Backend error or process error.
InternalError.DatabaseAccessError Database's internal error.
InternalError.DesError System's internal error.
InvalidParameter Parameter error.
InvalidParameter.InstanceNotFound The instance does not exist.
OperationDenied.WrongStatus The backend task status is invalid.

5. Example

Example 1 Query the instance list

Input example
&<Common request parameters>

Output example

  "Response": {
    "Items": [
        "AutoRenew": 0,
        "CdbError": 0,
        "CreateTime": "2017-04-20 21:58:50",
        "DeadlineTime": "2017-05-20 21:58:50",
        "DeployMode": 0,
        "DeviceType": "CUSTOM",
        "DrInfo": [
            "InstanceId": "cdb-0e5e4aqi",
            "InstanceName": "cdb154861",
            "InstanceType": 2,
            "Region": "ap-guangzhou",
            "Status": 0,
            "SyncStatus": 0,
            "Zone": "ap-guangzhou-1"
        "EngineVersion": "5.6",
        "InitFlag": 1,
        "InstanceId": "cdb-eb2w7dto",
        "InstanceName": "cdb154861_ok",
        "InstanceType": 1,
        "MasterInfo": null,
        "Memory": 4000,
        "PayType": 0,
        "ProjectId": 0,
        "ProtectMode": 0,
        "Region": "ap-guangzhou",
        "RoGroups": [
            "CreateTime": "2017-04-20 21:58:50",
            "GroupName": "rg-1234",
            "IsKickOut": 1,
            "MaxDelay": 5,
            "MinCount": 2,
            "RoInstances": [
                "InstanceId": "cdbro-22s95l84",
                "Region": "ap-guangzhou",
                "Status": 1,
                "Zone": "ap-guangzhou-2"
            "UGroupId": "rg-1234",
            "UpdateTime": "2017-04-20 21:58:50",
            "Vip": "",
            "Vport": 15558
        "RoVipInfo": {
          "RoSubnetId": 0,
          "RoVip": "",
          "RoVipStatus": 2,
          "RoVpcId": 0,
          "RoVport": 3306
        "SlaveInfo": {
          "First": {
            "Region": "ap-guangzhou",
            "Vip": "",
            "Vport": 0,
            "Zone": "ap-guangzhou-2"
          "Second": null
        "Status": 1,
        "SubnetId": 0,
        "TaskStatus": 0,
        "Vip": "",
        "Volume": 100,
        "VpcId": 0,
        "Vport": 3306,
        "WanDomain": "",
        "WanPort": 0,
        "WanStatus": 0,
        "Zone": "ap-guangzhou-2"
    "RequestId": "6EF60BEC-0242-43AF-BB20-270359FB54A7",
    "TotalCount": 1

6. Other Resources

Cloud API 3.0 comes with the following development tools to make it easier to call the API.