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File System APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCfsFileSystem Creates a file system
DeleteCfsFileSystem Deletes a file system
DeleteMountTarget Deletes a mount target
DescribeCfsFileSystemClients Queries file system clients
DescribeCfsFileSystems Queries file systems
DescribeMountTargets Queries the mount targets of a file system
UpdateCfsFileSystemName Updates a file system name
UpdateCfsFileSystemPGroup Updates the permission group for a file system
UpdateCfsFileSystemSizeLimit Updates the capacity limit of a file system

Permission Group APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCfsPGroup Creates a permission group
CreateCfsRule Creates a permission group rule
DeleteCfsPGroup Deletes a permission group
DeleteCfsRule Deletes a permission group rule
DescribeCfsPGroups Queries the list of permission groups
DescribeCfsRules Queries permission group rules
UpdateCfsPGroup Updates the information of a permission group
UpdateCfsRule Updates a permission group rule

Service APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAvailableZoneInfo Queries the availability of a region
DescribeCfsServiceStatus Queries the status of the CFS service
SignUpCfsService Activates the CFS service

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