API Category

Last updated: 2019-06-26 20:07:53

API Name Feature
DeleteMaliciousRequests Deletes malicious request records.
DeleteMalwares Deletes Trojan records.
DescribeBruteAttacks Obtains the list of HS brute force attack events.
DescribeMaliciousRequests Obtains malicious request information.
DescribeMalwares Obtains Trojan information.
DescribeNonlocalLoginPlaces Obtains remote login events.
ExportMaliciousRequests Exports downloaded malicious request files.
MisAlarmNonlocalLoginPlaces Indicates false positive of remote login.
RecoverMalwares Recovers Trojan files.
SeparateMalwares Isolates Trojans.
TrustMaliciousRequest Trusts malicious requests.
TrustMalwares Trusts Trojan files.
UntrustMaliciousRequest Untrusts malicious requests.
UntrustMalwares Untrusts Trojans.

API Name Feature
DescribeMachineInfo Obtains details about a host.
DescribeMachines Obtains the list of regional hosts.
DescribeOverviewStatistics Obtains the overview statistics.
DescribeSecurityDynamics Obtains the security event message data.
DescribeSecurityTrends Obtains the security event statistics.

API Name Feature
DescribeAgentVuls Obtains the list of vulnerabilities of a host.
DescribeImpactedHosts Obtains the list of hosts affected by vulnerabilities.
DescribeVulInfo Obtains details about a vulnerability.
DescribeVulScanResult Obtains the result of vulnerability detection.
DescribeVuls Obtains the list of vulnerabilities.
IgnoreImpactedHosts Ignores vulnerabilities.
RescanImpactedHost Redetects a vulnerability.

API Name Feature
DescribeAlarmAttribute Obtains alarm settings.
DescribeProVersionInfo Obtains the information of a host with HS Pro activated.
ModifyAlarmAttribute Modifies alarm settings.
ModifyAutoOpenProVersionConfig Sets whether to automatically activate HS Pro for new hosts.

API Name Feature
CreateProcessTask Creates a real-time pull process task.
DescribeAccountStatistics Obtains the account statistics list.
DescribeAccounts Obtains the account list.
DescribeComponentInfo Obtains component information.
DescribeComponentStatistics Obtains the component statistics list.
DescribeComponents Obtains the component list.
DescribeHistoryAccounts Obtains the account history list.
DescribeProcessStatistics Obtains the process statistics list.
DescribeProcessTaskStatus Obtains the status of the real-time pull process task.
DescribeProcesses Obtains the process list.

Other APIs

API Name Feature
CloseProVersion Deactivates HS Pro.
CreateUsualLoginPlaces Add common login locations.
DeleteBruteAttacks Deletes brute force attack records.
DeleteMachine Unmounts the HS client.
DeleteNonlocalLoginPlaces Deletes remote login records.
DeleteUsualLoginPlaces Deletes common login locations.
DescribeOpenPortStatistics Obtains the port statistics list.
DescribeOpenPorts Obtains the port list.
DescribeUsualLoginPlaces Queries common login locations.
DescribeWeeklyReportBruteAttacks Obtains the brute force attack data in the weekly report of HS Pro.
DescribeWeeklyReportInfo Obtains the details in the weekly report of HS Pro.
DescribeWeeklyReportMalwares Obtains the Trojan data in the weekly report of HS Pro.
DescribeWeeklyReportNonlocalLoginPlaces Obtains the remote login data in the weekly report of HS Pro.
DescribeWeeklyReportVuls Obtains the vulnerability data in the weekly report of HS Pro.
DescribeWeeklyReports Obtains the weekly report list.
InquiryPriceOpenProVersionPrepaid Inquires the price for activating HS Pro (prepaid).
ModifyProVersionRenewFlag Modifies the renewal flag of HS Pro.
OpenProVersionPrepaid Activates HS Pro (prepaid).
RenewProVersion Renews HS Pro.