API Category

Last updated: 2019-07-08 20:38:12

API name Description
CreateTaskTemplate Create a task template
DeleteTaskTemplates Delete a task template
DescribeTaskTemplates Get a task template
ModifyTaskTemplate Modify a task template
API name Description
DeleteJob Delete a job
DescribeJob View job details
DescribeJobSubmitInfo Get job submission information
DescribeJobs View job list
DescribeTask Query task details
SubmitJob Submit a job
TerminateJob Terminate a job
TerminateTaskInstance Terminate a task instance
API name Description
DescribeAvailableCvmInstanceTypes Get the information about CVM model configurations available to Batch
DescribeCvmZoneInstanceConfigInfos Get model configuration information of the availability zone of Batch
API name Description
CreateComputeEnv Create a compute environment
DeleteComputeEnv Delete a compute environment
DescribeComputeEnv Get compute environment details
DescribeComputeEnvActivities View the information about activities in a compute environment
DescribeComputeEnvCreateInfo View compute environment creation information
DescribeComputeEnvCreateInfos View list of compute environment creation information
DescribeComputeEnvs Get compute environment list
ModifyComputeEnv Modify a compute environment
TerminateComputeNode Terminate a compute node
TerminateComputeNodes Batch terminate compute nodes