API Category

Last updated: 2019-07-16 18:55:04

Scaling Group APIs

API name Description
AttachInstances Attaches one or more CVM instances to the specified scaling group
CreateAutoScalingGroup Creates a scaling group
DeleteAutoScalingGroup Deletes the specified scaling group
DescribeAutoScalingActivities Describes on or more scaling activities for the specified scaling group
DescribeAutoScalingGroups Describes one or more scaling groups
DescribeAutoScalingInstances Describes one or more Auto Scaling instances
DetachInstances Removes one or more CVM instances from the specified scaling group
DisableAutoScalingGroup Disables the specified scaling group
EnableAutoScalingGroup Enables the specified scaling group
ModifyAutoScalingGroup Modifies the specified scaling group
ModifyDesiredCapacity Modifies the desired number of instances for the specified scaling group
ModifyLoadBalancers Modifies one or more load balancers of the specified scaling group
RemoveInstances Removes one or more CVM instances from the specified scaling group

Launch Configuration APIs

API name Description
CreateLaunchConfiguration Creates a launch configuration
DeleteLaunchConfiguration Deletes the specified launch configuration
DescribeLaunchConfigurations Describes one or more launch configurations
ModifyLaunchConfigurationAttributes Modifies one or more attributes for the specified launch configuration.

Scheduled Action APIs

API name Description
CreateScheduledAction Creates a scheduled action
DeleteScheduledAction Deletes the specified scheduled action
DescribeScheduledActions Describes one or more scheduled actions
ModifyScheduledAction Modifies the specified scheduled action

Other APIs

API name Description
DescribeAccountLimits Describes Auto Scaling resource limits for the specified user account