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Last updated: 2021-04-21 15:46:03

    Other APIs

    API Name Feature
    DescribeAccountLimits Queries resource limits for a user account

    Lifecycle Hook APIs

    API Name Feature
    CompleteLifecycleAction Completes a lifecycle action
    CreateLifecycleHook Creating a Lifecycle Hook
    DeleteLifecycleHook Deletes a lifecycle hook
    DescribeLifecycleHooks Queries lifecycle hooks
    UpgradeLifecycleHook Upgrades a lifecycle hook

    Alarm Trigger Policy APIs

    API Name Feature
    CreateScalingPolicy Creates an alarm trigger policy
    DeleteScalingPolicy Deletes an alarm trigger policy
    DescribeScalingPolicies Queries alarm trigger policies
    ExecuteScalingPolicy Triggers a scaling policy
    ModifyScalingPolicy Modifies an alarm trigger policy

    Launch Configuration APIs

    API Name Feature
    ClearLaunchConfigurationAttributes Clears launch configuration attributes
    CreateLaunchConfiguration Creates a launch configuration
    DeleteLaunchConfiguration Deletes a launch configuration
    DescribeLaunchConfigurations Queries launch configurations
    ModifyLaunchConfigurationAttributes Modifies launch configuration attributes
    UpgradeLaunchConfiguration Upgrades a launch configuration

    Scheduled Task APIs

    API Name Feature
    CreateScheduledAction Creates a scheduled task
    DeleteScheduledAction Deletes a scheduled task
    DescribeScheduledActions Queries scheduled tasks
    ModifyScheduledAction Modifies a scheduled task

    Scaling Group APIs

    API Name Feature
    CreateAutoScalingGroup Creating an Auto Scaling Group
    CreateAutoScalingGroupFromInstance Creates launch configurations and scaling groups based on an instance
    DisableAutoScalingGroup Disables an auto scaling group
    EnableAutoScalingGroup Enables an auto scaling group
    ModifyAutoScalingGroup Modifies an auto scaling group
    ModifyDesiredCapacity Modifies the desired number of instances
    ModifyLoadBalancers Modifies the load balancers of an auto scaling group
    DescribeAutoScalingActivities Queries scaling activities
    DescribeAutoScalingGroupLastActivities Queries the latest activity history of an auto scaling group
    DescribeAutoScalingGroups Queries auto scaling groups
    DescribeAutoScalingInstances Queries instances
    DeleteAutoScalingGroup Deletes an auto scaling group
    AttachInstances Adds CVM instances to an auto scaling group
    DetachInstances Detaches CVM instances from an auto scaling group
    RemoveInstances Removes CVM instances from an auto scaling group
    SetInstancesProtection Sets scale-in protection for the instance
    StartAutoScalingInstances Starts up CVM instances in a scaling group
    StopAutoScalingInstances Shuts down CVM instances in the scaling group

    Notification APIs

    API Name Feature
    CreateNotificationConfiguration Creates a notification
    DeleteNotificationConfiguration Deletes a notification
    DescribeNotificationConfigurations Queries notifications
    ModifyNotificationConfiguration Modifies a notification

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