API Category

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API Name Feature
DescribeAccountAttributes Queries account attributes
CreateDefaultVpc Creates a default VPC and subnets
CreateVpc Creates a VPC
ModifyVpcAttribute Modifies VPC attributes
DescribeVpcs Queries the VPC list
DescribeVpcPrivateIpAddresses Queries the private IP information of a VPC
DescribeVpcInstances Queries a list of VCM instances on VPC
DeleteVpc Deletes a VPC
AttachClassicLinkVpc Creates a Classiclink
DescribeClassicLinkInstances Queries the list of Classiclink
DetachClassicLinkVpc Deletes a Classiclink
AssignIpv6CidrBlock Assigns an IPv6 IP range
DescribeVpcIpv6Addresses Queries the IPv6 list of a VPC
UnassignIpv6CidrBlock Releases IPv6 IP range
CreateAssistantCidr Creates secondary CIDR blocks
ModifyAssistantCidr Modifies secondary CIDR blocks.
DescribeAssistantCidr Queries a list of secondary CIDR blocks
CheckAssistantCidr Checks secondary CIDR block overlaps
DeleteAssistantCidr Deletes secondary CIDR blocks
DescribeVpcResourceDashboard Views VPC resources.
CreateLocalGateway Creates a local gateway
DeleteLocalGateway Deletes a local gateway
DescribeLocalGateway Queries local gateways
ModifyLocalGateway Modifies a local gateway

Subnet APIs

API Name Feature
AssignIpv6SubnetCidrBlock Assigns an IPv6 subnet IP range
CreateSubnet Creates a subnet
CreateSubnets Creates subnets in batches
DeleteSubnet Deletes a subnet
DescribeSubnets Queries the subnet list
ModifySubnetAttribute Modifies subnet attributes
UnassignIpv6SubnetCidrBlock Releases the IPv6 subnet IP range

Route Table APIs

API Name Feature
CreateRouteTable Creates a route table
CreateRoutes Creates a routing policy
DeleteRouteTable Deletes a route table
DeleteRoutes Deletes a routing policy
DescribeRouteTables Queries the route table list
ModifyRouteTableAttribute Modifies route table attributes
NotifyRoutes Publishes a route to CCN
ReplaceRouteTableAssociation Replaces the association relation of a route table
ReplaceRoutes Replaces a routing policy
ResetRoutes Resets the names and routing policies of route tables
WithdrawNotifyRoutes Withdraws a route from CCN


API Name Feature
AllocateAddresses Creates an EIP
AssociateAddress Binds an Elastic IP
DescribeAddressQuota Queries EIP quotas
DescribeAddresses Queries the EIP list
DescribeTaskResult Queries the async job execution results
DisassociateAddress Unbinds an EIP
ModifyAddressAttribute Modifies EIP attributes
ModifyAddressInternetChargeType Adjusts EIP billing modes
ModifyAddressesBandwidth Modifies the EIP bandwidth
ReleaseAddresses Releases the EIP
TransformAddress Switches an ordinary IP to an EIP

Highly Available Virtual IP APIs