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Last updated: 2020-07-31 14:20:18

Channel Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateMediaLiveChannel Creates media channel
DeleteMediaLiveChannel Deletes MediaLive channel
DescribeMediaLiveChannel Queries MediaLive channel
DescribeMediaLiveChannels Queries MediaLive channels in batches
ModifyMediaLiveChannel Modifies MediaLive channel
StartMediaLiveChannel Starts MediaLive channel
StopMediaLiveChannel Stops MediaLive channel

Input Security Group Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateMediaLiveInputSecurityGroup Creates input security group
DeleteMediaLiveInputSecurityGroup Deletes input security group
DescribeMediaLiveInputSecurityGroup Queries input security group
DescribeMediaLiveInputSecurityGroups Queries the information of input security groups in batches
ModifyMediaLiveInputSecurityGroup Updates input security group

Media Input Management APIs

API Name Feature
CreateMediaLiveInput Creates media input
DeleteMediaLiveInput Deletes media input
DescribeMediaLiveInput Queries media input.
DescribeMediaLiveInputs Queries the information of media inputs in batches
ModifyMediaLiveInput Updates media input

Statistics APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeMediaLiveChannelAlerts Queries channel alarm information
DescribeMediaLiveChannelInputStatistics Queries input statistics
DescribeMediaLiveChannelLogs Queries MediaLive channel logs
DescribeMediaLiveChannelOutputStatistics Queries the output statistics of a channel

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