Last updated: 2021-03-19 16:45:18

1. API Description

Domain name for API request: cdn.tencentcloudapi.com.

This API is used to cache specified URL resources to CDN nodes. You can specify acceleration regions for the prefetch.
By default, a maximum of 1000 URLs can be prefetched per day either within or outside Chinese mainland, and up to 20 tasks can be submitted at a time.

A maximum of 20 requests can be initiated per second for this API.

We recommend you to use API Explorer
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2. Input Parameters

The following request parameter list only provides API request parameters and some common parameters. For the complete common parameter list, see Common Request Parameters.

Parameter Name Required Type Description
Action Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: PushUrlsCache.
Version Yes String Common parameter. The value used for this API: 2018-06-06.
Region No String Common parameter. This parameter is not required for this API.
Urls.N Yes Array of String List of URLs. The protocol header such as "http://" or "https://" needs to be included.
UserAgent No String Specifies the User-Agent header of an HTTP prefetch request when it is forwarded to the origin server
Default value: TencentCdn
Area No String Destination region for the prefetch
mainland: prefetches resources to nodes within Mainland China
overseas: prefetches resources to nodes outside Mainland China
global: prefetches resources to global nodes
Default value: mainland. You can prefetch a URL to nodes in a region provided that CDN service has been enabled for the domain name in the URL in the region.
Layer No String If this parameter is middle or left empty, prefetch will be performed onto the intermediate node
ParseM3U8 No Boolean Whether to recursively resolve the M3U8 index file and prefetch the TS shards in it.
1. This feature requires that the M3U8 index file can be directly requested and obtained.
2. In the M3U8 index file, currently only the TS shards at the first to the third level can be recursively resolved.
3. Prefetching the TS shards obtained through recursive resolution consumes the daily prefetch quota. If the usage exceeds the quota, the feature will be disabled and TS shards will not be prefetched.

3. Output Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
TaskId String ID of the submitted task
RequestId String The unique request ID, which is returned for each request. RequestId is required for locating a problem.

4. Example

Example1 Prefetching URLs

Input Example

&<Common request parameters>

Output Example

  "Response": {
    "RequestId": "123",
    "TaskId": "15475444535871929928456"

5. Developer Resources


TencentCloud API 3.0 integrates SDKs that support various programming languages to make it easier for you to call APIs.