Upload Storage Settings

Last updated: 2021-10-28 11:02:11


    You can manage file categories and storage regions in the Upload Storage section of the VOD console.

    Category Management

    1. Log in to the VOD console, and click Upload Storage > Category Management on the left sidebar to enter the Category Management page.
    2. Click Add Category, enter a category name in the pop-up, and click OK.
    3. The newly added category will be displayed in the category list on this page, where you can rename or delete a category or add a subcategory.
      • Rename: click the target category name, and then click the edit icon to rename the category.
      • Delete: click Delete in the row of the target category to delete it. If it contains subcategories, you need to delete the subcategories first.
      • Add subcategory: click Add Subcategory in the row of the target category, enter a subcategory name in the pop-up, and then click OK.

    • The subcategory name supports up to 64 characters. Only letters, digits, and () are allowed.
    • You can also use APIs to view, modify, delete, and bind files for category management.
    • You can add up to 4 levels of categories, meaning you cannot add subcategories for a level-4 category.
    • After adding a category for a video file, you can modify it on the Video Management page in the console. For details, please see Modifying Video Category.
    • By default, there is a category named "Others" on the Category Management page, and you cannot rename or delete it or add subcategories for it. After a category is deleted, the files in it will be categorized as "Others".

    Storage Region

    1. Log in to the VOD console, and click Upload Storage > Storage Region on the left sidebar.
    2. Toggle Status on for the target region to enable it. You can set an enabled region as the default region.

      • You can enable multiple regions, but can set only one default region.
      • When a region is enabled, you cannot perform operations on it until it is successfully configured. Enabling a region takes effect in 5-10 minutes. Once enabled, a region cannot be disabled.

    Storage rules

    • If only the default region is enabled, all files will be stored in it.
    • If other regions are also enabled:
      • If an IP is within the upload storage range of a nearby enabled region, files will be uploaded to the region.
      • If an IP is outside the upload storage range of any enabled regions, files will be uploaded to the default region.

    For more information on storage regions, please see Practice of Optimizing Upload Quality.