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Customizing Domain Names

Last updated: 2022-05-31 10:11:46


    After you activate VOD, the system will assign you a default domain name xxx.vod2.myqcloud.com, which will be used by default for all VOD resources. You can also add and resolve a custom domain name in the VOD console.


    • You have activated the VOD service. For details, see Purchase Guide.
    • ICP filing is required for domain names used for business in Chinese mainland.

    Adding Domain Name

    1. Log in to the VOD console and click Distribution and Playback > Domain Name on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Add Domain, enter the domain on the displayed page, and click Confirm.

    • It takes several minutes to add a domain name. After that, you can view its status, CNAME, and domain name type.
    • One Tencent Cloud account can add up to 20 domain names.

    After you add a custom domain name, it’s normal that a small amount of traffic will still be generated even if you do not add a video, for a small number of packets will be returned to the domain name.

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