Customizing Domain Names

Last updated: 2020-12-02 09:54:01

    Operation Scenarios

    After you activate VOD, you can add and resolve a custom domain name in the VOD Console.


    • You have activated VOD.
    • To add a custom domain name in Mainland China, you need to obtain an ICP filing.

    Adding a Domain Name

    1. Log in to the VOD Console and click Distribution and Playback > Domain Names on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Add Domain Name. In the pop-up dialog box and click OK.
      • It takes several minutes to add the domain name. After the domain name is added, you can view its status, CNAME, and domain name type.
      • Up to 20 domain names can be added to a Tencent Cloud account.

    Resolving a Domain Name

    After adding a domain name, you need to configure CNAME in the specified DNS service provider of the domain name. After that users can access your video information via the domain name.

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