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Template Settings

Last updated: 2022-06-20 17:52:38
    1. Log in to the VOD console and select Application Management on the left sidebar.
    2. Select the target application.
    3. Select Video Processing > Template Settings on the left sidebar.

    Image Processing Template

    Select Image Processing Template and click Create Image Processing Template to create a custom template.

    • Template name: Up to 64 characters; supports Chinese characters, letters, digits, spaces, underscores (_), hyphens (-), and periods (.).
    • How to process: Scale or crop.
    • Scale:
      • Width: Specify the output width (pixels). Value range: 1-9999. Do not select this if you want the width to be scaled proportionally.
      • Height: Specify the output height (pixels). Value range: 1-9999. Do not select this if you want the height to be scaled proportionally.
    • Crop:
      • Crop to circle
        • Radius: Specify the radius (greater than 0) of the output circle.
      • Crop to rectangle
        • Target size: Specify the width (pixels) and height (pixels) of the output rectangle. Value range: 1-9999.
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