Last updated: 2021-10-21 10:45:24

    Video Upload

    • VOD supports multiple video upload methods such as local upload, video pull from URL, upload via API, and upload from client.
    • VOD can convert live recording to video on-demand and has various features such as multi-format video upload, large file upload, upload resumption, and redundant file backup.

    Video Storage

    • VOD features redundant storage of video files across architectures and devices to support remote disaster recovery and isolation of resources.
    • VOD supports cold/hot storage separation of video files to provide multiple options for your storage needs.

    Video Transcoding

    • VOD offers more than 12,000 distributed transcoding clusters, which can support up to 2,000 concurrent transcoding tasks and provide high-quality and efficient transcoding capabilities.
    • VOD supports TESHD which can effectively repair the video quality without reducing it.
    • VOD supports adding watermarks on demand and setting different transcoding formats to flexibly satisfy your needs in different application scenarios.

    Video Distribution

    • VOD has access to over 1,100 Tencent Cloud CDN cache nodes, which can provide a smooth video content delivery acceleration experience based on the BGP networks and 17+ ISPs across China.
    • VOD has a built-in default domain name. If you do not have a domain name, the preset domain name can be used to deliver resources based on the nearby region. This allows you to quickly get the video resources for playback, effectively solving the delay problem. In addition, custom domain names can be configured.

    Video AI Capabilities

    • VOD has various intelligent features such as speech and text recognition, which can effectively perform automated operations like video editing, splicing, and screencapturing, as well as AI-based intelligent video recognition and sensitive information processing, so as to reduce the manual workload.
    • VOD features intelligent recognition in console, which makes it easy for you to customize intelligent video recognition in the VOD console.

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    • VOD can determine the change in network connection speed to select the most suitable bitstream for playback, ensuring the smoothness of video playback and improving the user experience.
    • VOD can select the most appropriate bitstream according to the network environment to make full use of the network bandwidth.


    Based on the technologies such as audio/video encoding, intelligent scenario recognition, dynamic encoding, and three-level (CTU/line/frame) precise bitrate control model accumulated by Tencent Video Cloud over the years, TESHD enables video businesses such as LVB and VOD to provide higher-definition streaming services at lower bitrates (reduced by over 30% on average).


    Superplayer is a free player provided by VOD.

    • It offers simple encoding, where videos can be played back with only video ID required.
    • It features adaptive bitrate streaming to improve the playback experience.
    • It supports playing back videos with hotlink protection enabled.
    • It has a wide range of features such as thumbnail preview and video cover generation.