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Last updated: 2020-04-02 16:08:52

    Representing a mature segment of the online video market, video websites mainly provide lengthy and high-quality videos such as movies, TV series, variety shows, sporting events, and online courses. Tencent Video, CNTV, and QQtutor are good examples of such video websites. VOD provides custom-made video website solutions to help you implement a video website application with ease.

    Hotlinking refers to the act of posting video URLs to third-party video websites without authorization, which results in not only video copyright infringements but also considerable CDN bandwidth and traffic losses.

    VOD comes with a complete hotlink protection feature to protect your videos against hotlinking. In addition, it provides a set of hotlink protection testing schemes to help you securely enable hotlink protection and modify its configurations.

    Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    When videos with a high bitrate are played back in a poor network environment, lags may occur. HLS and Dash are two commonly used adaptive bitstream formats that cover video streams with various resolutions and bitrates, allowing the players to dynamically switch to appropriate video streams based on the network bandwidth.

    VOD has an adaptive bitrate streaming feature that helps you transcode videos and pack them into HLS and Dash formats.

    Thumbnail Preview

    Thumbnails can be displayed on the progress bar for quick preview of content at the specified time points, thus improving the viewing experience.

    VOD provides an image sprite generating feature. You can use the generated image sprite, together with a VTT file, to implement thumbnail preview.

    Multi-functional Player

    The common features of application clients for video websites include setting player size, adding logos to videos, inserting roll ads into videos, and displaying progress bar.

    VOD goes a step further by providing a superplayer to help you quickly integrate a rich set of video production capabilities into your client.

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