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Last updated: 2021-11-10 10:35:11

Tencent Cloud player demo provides complete product-grade interactive UIs and business source code. You can try out various features of the player based on the demo, which helps you quickly match and implement business requirements and save development time and costs. This document provides Superplayer demos for web and mobile.

Player Demo for web

The player for web supports video playback in PC and mobile browsers. Its rich and flexible APIs can be quickly integrated with your own web applications. For the basic playback and VOD playback modes of the Superplayer, Tencent Cloud provides corresponding players for web, which you can try out as needed.

Getting demo for web

Click the demo in the following table to enter the sample code page, right-click on the page, and select the option to view the webpage source code to view the sample source code.

Player Type Demo
Superplayer - playback through URL Superplayer for web - basic playback demo
Superplayer - playback through FileID Superplayer for web - VOD playback demo

Player demo for mobile

Tencent Cloud Toolkit app is the best trial solution that integrates multiple products and features developed by the Tencent Cloud Audio/Video team. In Tencent Cloud Toolkit > Player > Superplayer, the complete features of both the basic playback and VOD playback modes of the Superplayer are included. You can choose as needed for trial.

Getting demo for mobile

PlatformDemoSource Code Address
iOS GitHub
Android GitHub
Flutter Demo GitHub

Superplayer for mobile demo