Managing Videos

Last updated: 2020-08-28 15:17:34

    This document describes how to manage videos in the VOD Console, including editing basic video information, publishing videos, previewing videos in superplayer, and generating web player code.

    Basic Information Editing

    1. Log in to the VOD Console and select Media Assets > Video Management to enter the "Uploaded" page by default.
    2. Click Manage in the row of the desired video file to enter the "Basic Info" page by default which displays the basic video information, list of standard transcoding source and output files, and list of adaptive bitrate streaming output files:
      • Basic information
        Click Edit in the top-right corner to edit the following fields of basic video information:
        Field Description
        Video cover
        • Click **Change Image** to select and upload a local image.
        • Only JPG, PNG, and static GIF images are supported.
        • The image can be up to 1 MB in size and 1920x1080 px in dimensions.
        • The filename cannot contain Chinese characters.
        Video name
        • You can rename the video.
        • The name can contain up to 20 characters and cannot contain double quotation marks ("), single quotation marks ('), less-than signs (<), or greater-than signs (>).
        • You can modify the video category.
        • Click **Modify Category**, select a category, and click **OK**.
        • You can set a tag for the video.
        • Set a tag of up to 16 letters and digits and press Enter.
        • You can add a brief description to the video.
        • The description can contain up to 128 characters.
      • Standard Transcoding List: it lists the source and output video files.
        • You can copy the URL of a video file and preview it.
        • You can also delete an output video file and share it through QR code.
      • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming List
        You can copy the URL of a video file, preview it, and view its details.

    Screenshot Information

    1. Log in to the VOD Console and select Media Assets > Video Management to enter the "Uploaded" page by default.
    2. Click Manage in the row of the target video file to enter the "Basic Info" page by default.
    3. Select the Screenshot Info tab, which displays a list of original videos and screenshot files (including generated animated images, image sprites, sampled screenshots, and point-in-time screenshots) of the processed videos.


    Only 100 entries of screenshot information are displayed in the console. To view the information of all screenshots, click the download icon in the top-right corner.

    Superplayer Preview

    After transcoding a video to adaptive bitstream, you can preview it in superplayer. VOD supports preview in web player and terminal player.

    Parameter information

    Playback Configuration: it includes all the player configurations in the superplayer configuration, where default and basicDrmPreset are the default configurations. Except the default playback configuration, all playback configurations can be used only after key hotlink protection is enabled for the primary distribution domain name.

    Configuration item

    Configuration item: displays the configuration content in the selected playback configuration.

    • Adaptive bitrate streaming template for playback: specify the adaptive bitrate streaming template supported by the player. Only adaptive bitrate streams transcoded by this template can be previewed on the current player.
    • Image sprite template for thumbnail preview: specify the image sprite template supported by the player. Only image sprites generated by this template can be used for thumbnail preview on the current player.

    Playback control

    Playback configuration for domain name with key hotlink protection enabled: you can use parameter configuration to control the Playback URL Validity, Preview Duration, and Max Playback IPs.

    • Playback URL Validity: specify the expiration time of the video URL.
    • Preview Duration: specify the preview duration of the video, which must be more than 30 seconds. If this parameter is left empty, the video can be watched unrestrictedly.
    • Max Playback IPs: specify the maximum number of IPs allowed for playback.

    Video preview

    Web player

    You can click a video to preview it on the web player. You can also copy the code and embed it into a custom webpage.

    Terminal player

    1. Download the Video Cloud Toolkit app.
    2. Use the Video Cloud Toolkit to scan the QR code or enter the appID and fileID to preview the video on the terminal device.

    Web Player Code Generation

    1. Log in to the VOD Console and select Media Assets > Video Management to enter the "Uploaded" page by default.
    2. Click Manage in the row of the target video file to enter the "Basic Info" page by default.
    3. Select the Web Player Code Generation tab where you can manage player information and web player code.
      • In the "Parameter Settings" section, click Modify and the "Modify Player" dialog box will pop up. Select a configured player in the player drop-down list (for more information on player settings, please see Web Player Management) and click OK.
      • In the Web Player Code section, you can choose the appropriate video resolution in the "Video Resolution" drop-down list, enable or disable autoplay as needed, and set HTML or IFRAME as code type.
    4. Click Copy Code to copy the generated web player code.

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