VOD Playback Overview

Last updated: 2020-01-20 16:55:59

    In order to meet the playback requirements in various scenarios such as video website, VOD provides mobile and web superplayers. You can quickly integrate them to play back videos in VOD in a very simple way.


    The superplayer has the following restrictions on the video and playback methods:

    • Only videos in VOD but not on other platforms can be played back.
    • Video must be transcoded to adaptive bitrate streaming before they can be played back.
    • Videos can be played back only by video ID (i.e., FileId) but not by video URL.


    Compared with common third-party players, the superplayer has the following advantages:

    • It offers simple encoding, where videos can be played back with only two parameters: video ID and playback template ID.
    • It features adaptive bitrate streaming (HLS and Dash) to improve the playback experience.
    • It supports playing back videos encrypted with commercial-grade DRM.
    • It supports playing back videos with hotlink protection enabled.


    • Mobile superplayer: it provides SDKs for Android and iOS suitable for integrating the playback capabilities of VOD into mobile apps.
    • Web superplayer: it is integrated into web servers for playback of VOD videos through browsers in clients (PCs and mobile devices).

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