Playback SDK Overview

Last updated: 2021-08-23 17:53:03

    VOD provides the basic player and superplayer for different scenarios.

    • In short video playback scenarios (such as short videos on UGSV social media, ecommerce platforms, and WeChat Official Account), you can integrate the basic player SDK as instructed here.
    • In long video playback and encrypted video playback scenarios (such as video social media, online education websites, and online TV platforms), you can integrate the superplayer SDK as instructed below:

    Feature Overview

    The superplayer SDK has a wide variety of playback features, including:

    • The brightness, volume level, and progress can be adjusted through gestures.
    • Different resolutions can be switched between manually, and the resolution can also be adaptive to the network bandwidth.
    • Different playback speeds can be specified, and mirroring and hardware acceleration can be enabled.
    • Timestamp information can be added to the progress bar, and corresponding thumbnails can be displayed for preview.

    For all features, please see VOD Superplayer - Feature List.

    Integration Method

    Player Type SDK Download Address User Guide

    Integration Guide

    To help you quickly integrate the superplayer of VOD, we provide a superplayer integration guide to describe the integration steps by way of demos.