Application Scenarios

Last updated: 2019-04-17 11:43:28


Enterprise sub-account access permission management

For security purposes, TencentCloud enables you to grant the employees minimum access permission to the enterprise's cloud resources according to their job duties.

Scenario: A company has a variety of Tencent Cloud resources (CVM, VPC instances, CDN instances, COS buckets and objects, etc.) and employees with different roles (developers, testers, OPS personnel, etc.), where developers and testers who work on specific project need to read and write related Tencent Cloud resources on development servers and test servers respectively, and IT staff purchase and maintain those servers. When the responsibilities or projects of an employee changes, the corresponding permissions should be terminated.

Cross-enterprise access permission management

You can share TencentCloud resources among enterprises.

Scenario: A company that wants to focus on product R&D and outsources IT operations of TencentCloud should revoke all permissions that have been granted to the third-party as soon as the outsourcing service contracts are terminated.