Error Codes

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Feature Description

If there is an Error field in the response, it means that the API call failed. For example:

    "Response": {
        "Error": {
            "Code": "AuthFailure.SignatureFailure",
            "Message": "The provided credentials could not be validated. Please check your signature is correct."
        "RequestId": "ed93f3cb-f35e-473f-b9f3-0d451b8b79c6"

Code in Error indicates the error code, and Message indicates the specific information of the error.

Error Code List

Common Error Codes

Error Code Description
UnsupportedOperation Unsupported operation.
ResourceInUse Resource is in use.
InternalError Internal error.
RequestLimitExceeded The number of requests exceeds the frequency limit.
AuthFailure.SecretIdNotFound Key does not exist. Check if the key has been deleted or disabled in the console, and if not, check if the key is correctly entered. Note that whitespaces should not exist before or after the key.
LimitExceeded Quota limit exceeded.
NoSuchVersion The API version does not exist.
ResourceNotFound The resource does not exist.
AuthFailure.SignatureFailure Invalid signature. Signature calculation error. Please ensure you’ve followed the signature calculation process described in the Signature API documentation.
AuthFailure.SignatureExpire Signature expired. Timestamp and server time cannot differ by more than five minutes. Please ensure your current local time matches the standard time.
UnsupportedRegion API does not support the requested region.
UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized operation.
InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter.
ResourceUnavailable Resource is unavailable.
AuthFailure.MFAFailure MFA failed.
AuthFailure.UnauthorizedOperation The request is not authorized. For more information, see the CAM documentation.
AuthFailure.InvalidSecretId Invalid key (not a TencentCloud API key type).
AuthFailure.TokenFailure Token error.
DryRunOperation DryRun Operation. It means that the request would have succeeded, but the DryRun parameter was used.
FailedOperation Operation failed.
UnknownParameter Unknown parameter.
UnsupportedProtocol HTTP(S) request protocol error; only GET and POST requests are supported.
InvalidParameterValue Invalid parameter value.
InvalidAction The API does not exist.
MissingParameter A parameter is missing.
ResourceInsufficient Insufficient resource.

Service Error Codes

Error Code Description
FailedOperation.Accesskey An error occurred while using the access key.
FailedOperation.PolicyFull The number of user policies has exceeded the limit.
FailedOperation.PolicyNameInUse The policy name specified by the PolicyName field already exists.
FailedOperation.PolicyVersionAlreadyDefault The policy version is already the default policy version.
FailedOperation.PolicyVersionFull The number of policy versions has reached the upper limit.
FailedOperation.UserNotBindPhone No mobile number is bound to the account
FailedOperation.UserNotBindWechat No WeChat Account is bound to the account
FailedOperation.UserUnbindNoPermission User does not have permission.
InternalError.SystemError Internal error.
InvalidParameter.ActionError Action field of policy document invalid.
InvalidParameter.AttachmentFull Limit on number of authorization object associated policies in the principal field reached.
InvalidParameter.ConditionError condition field of policy document invalid.
InvalidParameter.DeletionTaskNotExist The task does not exist.
InvalidParameter.DescriptionLengthOverlimit The input parameter description cannot exceed 300 bytes in length.
InvalidParameter.EffectError Effect field of policy document invalid.
InvalidParameter.EntityFilterError EntityFilter field invalid.
InvalidParameter.GroupFull Limit on number of user groups reached.
InvalidParameter.GroupIdError GroupId field invalid.
InvalidParameter.GroupNameInUse User Group name repeated.
InvalidParameter.GroupNotExist User Group does not exist.
InvalidParameter.GroupUserFull Limit on number of sub-users in the user group reached.
InvalidParameter.IdentityNameInUse Identity provider name already in use.
InvalidParameter.KeywordError Keyword field invalid.
InvalidParameter.MFATokenError Multi-factor Token verification failed.
InvalidParameter.NotSupportProduct CAM does not support the resource type specified in the policy document.
InvalidParameter.ParamError Invalid input parameter.
InvalidParameter.PasswordViolatedRules Password incompatible with user safety settings.
InvalidParameter.PolicyDocumentError PolicyDocument field invalid.
InvalidParameter.PolicyDocumentLengthOverLimit PolicyDocument field exceeds length restriction.
InvalidParameter.PolicyIdError Input parameter PolicyId invalid.
InvalidParameter.PolicyIdNotExist Policy ID does not exist.
InvalidParameter.PolicyNameError PolicyName field invalid.
InvalidParameter.PolicyVersionNotExists The policy version does not exist.
InvalidParameter.PrincipalError principal field of policy document invalid.
InvalidParameter.ResourceError Resource field of policy document invalid.
InvalidParameter.RoleFull Limit on number of roles reached.
InvalidParameter.RoleNameError Role name invalid.
InvalidParameter.RoleNameInUse A role with the same name already exists.
InvalidParameter.RoleNotExist Role does not exist.
InvalidParameter.ScopeError Scope field invalid.
InvalidParameter.ServiceTypeError ServiceType field invalid.
InvalidParameter.StatementError Statement field of policy document invalid.
InvalidParameter.SubUserFull Limit on number of sub-accounts reached.
InvalidParameter.SubUserNameInUse Sub-user name repeated.
InvalidParameter.UinError Uin field invalid.
InvalidParameter.UserGroupFull Limit on number of user groups joined by a sub-user reached.
InvalidParameter.UserNotExist User object does not exist
InvalidParameter.VersionError Version field of policy document invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.MetadataError Identity provider metadata document error.
InvalidParameterValue.NameError Identity provider name error.
LimitExceeded.IdentityFull Limit on number of identity providers reached.
OperationDenied.AccessKeyOverLimit Each account can have up to two AccessKey.
OperationDenied.HaveKeys There are undeleted API keys.
OperationDenied.SubUin The sub-user is not allowed to use the root account key.
OperationDenied.UinNotMatch The access key does not match the account.
ResourceNotFound.GroupNotExist User group does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.IdentityNotExist Identity provider does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.NotFound Resource does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.PolicyIdNotFound Resources specified by PolicyId does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.UserNotExist User does not exist.
UnauthorizedOperation.DeleteApiKey User do not have the authorization to delete API keys.

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