Granting a sub-account view permission for specified TencentDB for MySQL instances

Last updated: 2019-12-25 15:55:55

A sub-account, Developer, under the enterprise account, CompanyExample (ownerUin: 12345678), requires view permission for two TencentDB for MySQL instances (instance IDs cdb-1 and cdb-2 respectively) belonging to the CompanyExample enterprise account.

Step 1: create the following policy by using policy syntax.

    "version": "2.0",
         "effect": "allow",
         "action": "cdb:*",
         "resource": ["qcs::cdb::uin/12345678:instanceId/cdb-1", "qcs::cdb::uin/12345678:instanceId/cdb-2"]

Step 2: associate the sub-account with the policy. To learn how to associate a policy with a user account, see Authorization Management.

Note: The Developer sub-account can only view the resources of instances with the IDs cdb-1 and cdb-2 in the TencentDB for MySQL query list.

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