API Category(CAM)

Last updated: 2021-08-06 16:41:07

User APIs

API Name Feature
AddUser Adds sub-Users
AddUserToGroup Adds users to a user group
ConsumeCustomMFAToken Verifies a custom multi-factor Token
CreateGroup Creates a user group
DeleteGroup Deletes a user group
DeleteUser Deletes a sub-user
DeleteUserPermissionsBoundary Deletes user permission boundary
DescribeSafeAuthFlagColl Queries security settings
DescribeSubAccounts Queries sub-users through sub-user UIN list
GetAccountSummary Queries account summary
GetCustomMFATokenInfo Gets information associated with a custom multi-factor Token
GetGroup Queries user group details
GetSecurityLastUsed Gets a key’s recent usage details
GetUser Queries sub-users
ListAccessKeys Lists access keys
ListCollaborators Gets collaborator list
ListGroups This API is used to query the list of user groups.
ListGroupsForUser Lists user groups associated with a user
ListUsers Pulls sub-users
ListUsersForGroup Queries the list of users associated with a user group
PutUserPermissionsBoundary Sets user permission boundary
RemoveUserFromGroup Deletes users from a user group
SetMfaFlag Sets account verification for login and sensitive operations for sub-users.
UpdateGroup Updates a user group
UpdateUser Updates a sub-user

Policy APIs

API Name Feature
AttachGroupPolicy Associates a policy with a user group
AttachUserPolicy Associates a policy with a user
CreatePolicy Creates a policy
CreatePolicyVersion Creates a policy version
DeletePolicy Deletes a policy
DeletePolicyVersion Deletes a policy version
DetachGroupPolicy Unassociate a policy and a user group
DetachUserPolicy Unassociates a policy and a user
GetPolicy Views policy details
GetPolicyVersion Queries policy version details
ListAttachedGroupPolicies Queries policy list associated with a user group
ListAttachedUserPolicies Queries policy list associated with a sub-account
ListEntitiesForPolicy Queries entity list associated with a policy
ListPolicies Queries the list of policies
ListPolicyVersions Gets a list of policy versions
SetDefaultPolicyVersion Sets operative policy version
UpdatePolicy Updates policy

Role APIs

API Name Feature
AttachRolePolicy Associates a permission policy with a role
CreateRole Creates a role
CreateServiceLinkedRole Creates a service-linked role
DeleteRole Deletes a role
DeleteRolePermissionsBoundary Deletes role permission boundary
DeleteServiceLinkedRole Deletes a service-linked role
DescribeRoleList Gets a role list
DescribeSafeAuthFlag Queries security settings.
DescribeSafeAuthFlagIntl Queries security settings
DetachRolePolicy Unassociates a policy and a role
GetRole Gets role details
GetServiceLinkedRoleDeletionStatus Gets the status of the service-linked role deletion
ListAttachedRolePolicies Gets the list of policies associated with a role
PutRolePermissionsBoundary Sets role permission boundary
UpdateAssumeRolePolicy Modifies the trust policy of a role
UpdateRoleConsoleLogin Modifies a role's login permissions
UpdateRoleDescription Modifies the description of a role

Identity Provider APIs

API Name Feature
CreateSAMLProvider Creates a SAML identity provider
DeleteSAMLProvider Deletes a SAML identity provider
GetSAMLProvider Queries SAML Identity provider details
ListSAMLProviders Queries the list of SAML identity providers
UpdateSAMLProvider Updates SAML identity provider information