API Category(CAM)

Last updated: 2022-01-20 11:26:34

User APIs

API Name Feature
AddUser Adds sub-Users
AddUserToGroup Adds users to a user group
ConsumeCustomMFAToken Verifies a custom multi-factor Token
CreateGroup Creates a user group
DeleteGroup Deletes a user group
DeleteUser Deletes a sub-user
DeleteUserPermissionsBoundary Deletes user permission boundary
DescribeSafeAuthFlagColl Queries security settings
DescribeSubAccounts Queries sub-users through sub-user UIN list
GetAccountSummary Queries account summary
GetCustomMFATokenInfo Gets information associated with a custom multi-factor Token
GetGroup Queries user group details
GetSecurityLastUsed Gets a key’s recent usage details
GetUser Queries sub-users
ListAccessKeys Lists access keys
ListCollaborators Gets collaborator list
ListGroups This API is used to query the list of user groups.
ListGroupsForUser Lists user groups associated with a user
ListUsers Pulls sub-users
ListUsersForGroup Queries the list of users associated with a user group
PutUserPermissionsBoundary Sets user permission boundary
RemoveUserFromGroup Deletes users from a user group
SetMfaFlag Sets account verification for login and sensitive operations for sub-users.
UpdateGroup Updates a user group
UpdateUser Updates a sub-user

Policy APIs

API Name Feature
AttachGroupPolicy Associates a policy with a user group
AttachUserPolicy Associates a policy with a user
CreatePolicy Creates a policy
CreatePolicyVersion Creates a policy version
DeletePolicy Deletes a policy
DeletePolicyVersion Deletes a policy version
DetachGroupPolicy Unassociate a policy and a user group
DetachUserPolicy Unassociates a policy and a user
GetPolicy Views policy details
GetPolicyVersion Queries policy version details
ListAttachedGroupPolicies Queries policy list associated with a user group
ListAttachedUserAllPolicies Lists policies associated with the user (including those inherited from the user group)
ListAttachedUserPolicies Queries policy list associated with a sub-account
ListEntitiesForPolicy Queries entity list associated with a policy
ListPolicies Queries the list of policies
ListPolicyVersions Gets a list of policy versions
SetDefaultPolicyVersion Sets operative policy version
UpdatePolicy Updates policy

Role APIs

API Name Feature
AttachRolePolicy Associates a permission policy with a role
CreateRole Creates a role
CreateServiceLinkedRole Creates a service-linked role
DeleteRole Deletes a role
DeleteRolePermissionsBoundary Deletes role permission boundary
DeleteServiceLinkedRole Deletes a service-linked role
DescribeRoleList Gets a role list
DescribeSafeAuthFlag Queries security settings.
DescribeSafeAuthFlagIntl Queries security settings
DetachRolePolicy Unassociates a policy and a role
GetRole Gets role details
GetServiceLinkedRoleDeletionStatus Gets the status of the service-linked role deletion
ListAttachedRolePolicies Gets the list of policies associated with a role
PutRolePermissionsBoundary Sets role permission boundary
UpdateAssumeRolePolicy Modifies the trust policy of a role
UpdateRoleConsoleLogin Modifies a role's login permissions
UpdateRoleDescription Modifies the description of a role

Identity Provider APIs

API Name Feature
CreateSAMLProvider Creates a SAML identity provider
CreateUserSAMLConfig Creates user SAML configurations
DeleteSAMLProvider Deletes a SAML identity provider
DescribeUserSAMLConfig Queries user SAML configurations
GetSAMLProvider Queries SAML Identity provider details
ListSAMLProviders Queries the list of SAML identity providers
UpdateSAMLProvider Updates SAML identity provider information
UpdateUserSAMLConfig Modifies user SAML configurations