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Creating Sub-user

Last updated: 2021-08-04 16:06:30


    If you are a sub-account with admin permissions (AdministratorAccess) or full access to CAM (QcloudCamFullAccess) and have purchased CVM, VPC, COS, and other Tencent Cloud resources, you can create one or more sub-accounts for your team members and allow them to access your resources.

    This document describes how to use the admin account to create a sub-user in the CAM console and bind the sub-user to a permission policy.


    Both sub-users and collaborators are sub-accounts. For related definitions and permission descriptions, please see User Types.

    Creation Method Applicable Scenario Description
    Quick creation Creating admin users They have the AdministratorAccess permission by default, which can be modified
    Custom creation Creating general sub-users and message recipients They can be bound to permission policies as needed


    A sub-account with admin permissions or a sub-account with QcloudCamFullAccess has been created.


    Creating in console


    You can click the following tabs to view the directions to create and authorize different types of sub-accounts.

    1. Log in to the Tencent Cloud console, go to User List, and click Create User to enter the user creation page.
    2. On the user creation page, click Quick Creation to enter the quick user creation page.
    3. On the quick user creation page, enter the username in User Information and adjust other options as needed.

      You can click Create User to create up to 10 users at a time.

    4. For Password resetting required, select whether the sub-user needs to reset the password upon next login as needed.
    5. Click Create User. You will be redirected to the page prompting that the user is successfully created.
    6. On the page prompting that the user is successfully created, you can get the sub-user information in the following two methods:
      • Click Send, enter the email address, and the system will send the complete sub-user information to the specified email address.
      • Click Copy and paste the information to a local file for storage.

    Creating through API

    You can create a sub-user and configure permissions for them by calling the AddUser API with an access key. For more information, please see AddUser.

    For more information on how to manage and authorize sub-users through user group, please see Managing User Group and Setting User Group Permissions.
    For more information on how to associate/dissociate a sub-user to/from policies, please see Setting Sub-user Permissions.
    For more information on how to log in as a sub-user, please see Logging in as Sub-user.
    For more information on how to reset a sub-user password, please see Resetting Login Password for Sub-user.
    For more information on how to subscribe to messages for a sub-user, please see Sub-user Message Subscription.

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