Logging in to Console with Sub-account

Last updated: 2021-07-28 15:22:59


    This document describes how to log in to the console with a sub-account (sub-user/collaborator). After successful login, the sub-account (sub-user/collaborator) can manage resources under the root account within the scope of permissions.


    You have created a sub-account.

    Login Steps

    You can click the following tabs to view the directions of the corresponding login method.

    1. Go to the Tencent Cloud login page and select CAM user sign in.
    2. On the CAM user sign in page, enter the root account ID, sub-user name, and password.
      Root account ID: please contact the root account to view it on the Account Info page.
    3. Click Sign in to log in as the sub-user through account and password.