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Why do I receive a prompt saying that "the account is not on the whitelist" when I create a policy?

Because many of our products currently are in beta, and some products do not support CAM. To find out whether and at what granularity you can manage product permissions in CAM, see CAM-enabled Cloud Services

To manage permissions in CAM for the products in beta, submit a ticket.

Why do I receive a prompt saying no permission after full COS read/write permission is authorized?

The reason is because you are using console COS V4, which is not integrated with CAM. We recommend that you use console COS V5.

Why do I have no access to the cloud services after the read-only permission is authorized?

The read-only access to cloud services takes effect when either of the following conditions is met.

  • The service you are using is fully integrated with CAM.
  • The service you are using is beta-integrated with CAM, and your account is on the whitelist.

How can I implement refined permission management for the project resources?

You can do so by using tags.

How can I grant a sub-account the permission to view the list of partial resources?

See the following example:

A sub-account Developer of the enterprise account CompanyExample (ownerUin: 12345678) needs to be granted the permission to view part of CompanyExample's resources in the console.

We take CVM instance as an example. To grant the sub-account the access to CVM instances with IDs of ins-xxxxxx1 and ins-xxxxxx2 in the region of gz in the console, you need to:

  1. Create the following policy using policy syntax

     "version": "2.0",
     "statement": [{
         "action": [
         "resource": ["qcs::cvm:gz:instance:ins-xxxxxx1",
         "effect": "allow"

    You can also grant the sub-account a higher permission as needed, such as the full read/write permission. To grant the sub-account full access to CVM instances in the region of Guangzhou, you can write the policy syntax as follows:

     "version": "2.0",
     "statement": [
             "action": [
             "resource": "qcs::cvm:gz:instance:*",
             "effect": "allow"
  2. Authorize the policy to the sub-account. For more information on authorization, see Authorization Management.

Products that support read-only permission at resource level include: CVM, TencentDB for MySQL, and TKE.
For other products, the read-only access to specified resources is not available. The sub-accounts can only be authorized to view all resources or unable to view all resources.

What cloud services support limiting access via IP?

Service Name Limiting Access via IP
TKE - Cluster
Dayu Anti-DDoS - Anti-DDoS Advanced