User Types

Last updated: 2019-11-28 18:15:55


CAM users are entities that you create in Tencent Cloud. Each CAM user is associated with only one Tencent Cloud account. The Tencent Cloud account you registered is a root account. You can create sub-accounts with custom permissions in User List, which helps you manage and operate your Tencent Cloud resources. There are 3 types of sub-accounts: sub-users, collaborators, and message recipients.

Acccount Types Root Account Sub-Account
Sub-user Collaborator Message Recipient
  • Owns all Tencent Cloud resources, and can access any of the resources.
  • We strongly recommend against using the root account to manage or operate resources. Instead, create sub-accounts and associate them with policies as required. Use these sub-accounts with limited permissions to work with your cloud resources.
Created by the root account, and fully belongs to the root account that created the sub-user. When a root account is added as the collaborator of the current root account, it becomes one of the sub-accounts of the current root account. The account can be switched from collaborator back to root account. Only has message receiving capabilities
Console Access -
Programming Access -
Policy Authorization Owns all policies by default -
Message Notifications